Friday, May 23, 2008

The Last Day of Preschool

Wednesday was Joe's last day of Preschool. Hannah and I went to enjoy the activities. The kids played for a while then glued some shapes on visors. Then they made some bracelets and had a snack. Then they played some more and then colored. It was fun and I think he will miss all that fun time with friends and his teacher, Rhonda. He is at a fun age right now. He's very rambunctious but at the same time he is so loving and sweet. The other day he came in from playing outside and came up to give me a big kiss. He then went downstairs and announced to Josh "Mom and I just kissed on the lips!" Josh came right up to tell me about it because he thought it was so funny. He's just sure he's going to marry me when he grows up and doesn't care that Dad and I are already married. All too soon he'll think I'm the biggest dork and be embarrassed by me and annoyed with me all the time. So, for now I will enjoy every moment and every hug and every kiss on the lips.


Lara said...

Miss those days! Devon (who is 12) has a new favorite thing to say to me, with attitude, "Oh my goodness"! Cute blog!

Kim said...

That's so funny...Josh says "Oh my goodness" all the time to me...also with attitude and fun!