Monday, June 29, 2009

Knock-Knocking at the library

We enrolled in our local library's summer reading program..when I say "we" I mean my children. The theme this year is "BE CREATIVE @ YOUR LIBRARY". They must visit the library 4 times and read for a total of 10 hours. They must also do at least 10 of the listed activities. We brought the paper booklets today to get some stamps and stickers and get a little closer to the "prizes" which include......Free admission to a Salt Dogs game (baseball), free admission to Lincoln Childrens museum, a free ride on the train at the zoo, and a free Happy Meal at McDonalds. One of the activities on the list is to tell a joke to a volunteer or I told Joe he should tell the volunteer a joke...I told him to tell her a knock knock joke.....okay, I have been through many many many knock knock jokes in my career as a mother....I've heard this one....
knock knock
who's there
house who?
House pizza

And this one
Knock knock
whos there?
pizza who?
pizza house

So, I decided I would actually teach Joe some real knock knock jokes, so they would actually make sense and be funny....
so the two I taught him were these
Knock Knock
who's there
banana who
knock knock
who's there?
banana who?
knock knock
who's there?
knock knock
who's there?
orange who?
orange you glad I didn't say banana?

and this one

Knock Knock
who's there?
boo who?
Oh, don't cry!

So, Joe told the volunteer a knock knock went like this.....
Knock Knock
who's there?
boo who?
Orange boo!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A beautiful sight!

The best week of Megan's life.......(hear the sarcasm?)

Megan is not a camper...she likes her flat iron and bathrooms and her bed and flip flops. She was a trouper though and went to girls camp. It rained every night and every day was hot and sticky.....she LOVED it! Here are a few highlights....

On Sunday the Bishopric called her up to share her testimony and talk a little about camp...we were worried...her leaders were worried.....but, she was a good girl and didn't bad mouth it too much....other than sharing that it was gross and muddy...more than once. She also shared that she could feel the spirit and it warmed her heart, and if you know Megan that's saying a lot! I just love that girl so much!


If you know Joe, you know he comes up with some good ones....Today he said "I love you as much as moms say I love you!"

Monday, June 22, 2009


We had a lovely Father's Day...very low key and nice. I made banana pancakes for breakfast and they turned out very yummy. I found out we were out of pancake syrup after I started the pancakes so I improvised......we are great lovers of peanut butter in our home, so I made peanut butter good! I brought Aaron breakfast in bed and the rest of us ate at the table...though Josh and Zack missed out on the banana pancakes because they are big sleepyheads...they had regular pancakes, which they complained about the whole time.....I say, you snooze, you lose~
Then we got ready for church..went to church...came home and had taco soup for dinner and then had a Project Runway season 3 fun! Aaron told me he dreamed about being a Fashion Designer the whole night long....hee hee!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads I know...thanks Aaron, for being such a good dad....Thanks to my wonderful Dad...Love you!
Here's a picture that Joe drew for Aaron. He told me it's his dad lifting weights. I helped him write some of it...he wrote his own name and he wrote "you"...I helped with the rest. I'm not sure why he wrote numbers everywhere...except that he really likes them...alot! I'll have to write about that sometime........

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Me: (looking down at Hannah's hair while she was sitting at the kitchen table) Who cut Hannah's hair?
Joe: It wasn't me (said very quickly)
Me: Hannah, who cut your hair?
Hannah: Joe did it.
Joe: (holding two fingers up) Only two times.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something sweet

Don't you just love the mornings...especially when you're the first one up and the house is still sleeping...those are such lovely peaceful moments for me and I get to have them almost everyday, for even when I'm not working, I'm an early riser. This morning was such a morning...everyone was still sleeping and I even got to sleep in until 730! I was sitting in the kitchen enjoying the peace (after letting my stress go...) when I heard someone get up and walk down the was Aaron holding my beautiful Hannah. He said, "didn't you hear her in there talking?"...."No" I lied...hee hee....Then my sweet "baby" said "Mama! It's morning time!!! I was singing for the morning to come, and it did!"....she was so proud of herself. I just love those moments........especially when they come at a particularly hard time.


I've been feeling so overwhelmed with life I'm treading the water and it keeps going right over my head. I've not ever been a great time manager. This past week was not one I wish to live over again! I forgot Matthew's fifth grade graduation and I wouldn't of been able to go anyway because work was crazy! I also forgot that Josh had High Adventure, for some reason I thought it was the week after Girl's Camp and it was really the week before girls camp. So, he's not going. I didn't get him in for a physical, and they are leaving tomorrow. I was truly heart broken that I dropped the ball on these two important heartbroken that I've spent some time sobbing like I haven't sobbed in quite some time! To top off the week....Matthew's been sick for a couple days with some kind of stomach bug, poor boy. I have pink eye and I wrenched my back just picking up Hannah (she only weighs 30 lbs) and I got a sunburn at Josh's game yesterday. I know when things get so tough I need to hand it over the Lord. I struggle doing this...for some reason I just like to hold on to all the stress and keep it all inside wrapped in my heart in a tight little ball! How truly silly! So, my goal today is to let it go...let it all slide right out of me! I don't need it. I'm not a good mom or wife when I treasure my pain like this. Time to let the Lord take over. Time to let it go!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

too funny!

When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.
- Gracie Allen

Monday, June 1, 2009


Here I am...3am. This is the third or fourth time in a week! Okay, I get up at either 4 or 5am to go to work and most nights don't get to bed until 10 or so. Why am I awake!!! I've been up since 2am.....and I have to " get up" in an hour for day five in my six day stretch at work. I know I'll be sorry later...and wish I got that extra sleep! It seems I go through this every once in a while..things weigh so heavy on my mind and I just can't stop thinking.

I've been wanting to blog about a few things...but have just been sooo busy! So, maybe I'll take a little time now...while I SHOULD be sleeping.

A couple weeks ago we went to see Josh perform in the Student Directed One Acts. Every year North Star High's drama department has a few students cast and direct a One Act play. Josh was one of several to try out and made it. This time Zack was behind the scenes as the Tech director. So, Josh was in a play called Frumpled Fairy Tales. It was hysterical! He played Rumpelstiltskin,Rapunzel's dad and the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. I was so proud of him...he did such an awesome job!

I also made some play dough for the kids recently and boy what fun they had! I used to make it more often...but now that I'm working I'm not as fun of a mom anymore. boo hoo! I think the first day I made it, Hannah and Joe played with it for about three hours!!! I'm not exagerating!
I always make Kool Aid play dough, here's the recipe

2 c. flour
1 c. salt
4 tsp. cream of tartar
2 tbsp. vegetable oil (I use canola)
2 c. water
2 sm. pkgs. unsweetened Kool Aid

Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan until well blended then turn on the stove to low to medium heat and stir constantly until you have a "ball" and not "goo". Put on a dry surface and knead until well mixed. It is quite warm at first, so don't burn your little hands!

Last week was the Choral concert and the Band concert. They were both so good. I love how involved my boys are in school. I never really did much in high school, I just love that they are so outgoing. I think having Zack so involved really helped Josh to find his place right away. Thanks Zackers! Josh is really looking forward to Marching Band. Last year he played the saxophone this next year he's going to play something called a mellodrome..don't know if I spelled that right or even if that's the right's a version of the french horn. I think we'll have to see if Matthew would like to play Josh's it doesn't get lonely! Matthew and Megan will both be going to the new middle school next "year". They are just finishing it's closer than Park..which is where Megan goes this year. One of the much loved band directors at North Star is going to Schoo (the new school..pronounced SKOE) to be the band director maybe Matthew would like to play an instrument...I hope.

Baseball season is upon us...Matthew has had a couple games and is really liking it. He had his first hit (in a game). It was so cool! He made it to first base! Josh's first game is this coming Wed. I don't think he'll be playing. He had a little "surgery" on his big toe. He had a terrible ingrown toenail so the Podiatrist removed part of his toenail..yucko! I hope it heals fast so he can play!

Megan won an award at school for having a 4.0! She has done so well in school this year. I'm really so tickled. She still misses Utah and reminds us ALL the time....but I do think that even though she does not want to admit it..she likes Nebraska okay...maybe just a little.

Aaron's new job is going okay. It's really nice to have him home on Sundays.....he has it off for the first time in many years! Well, he's sporatically taken some Sundays off...but this is really his "day off". He also gets off at 7 some days now. I told him it's just like being a "real" family, having both parents home at night. LOL!

Matthew just got home yesterday from a two day camping trip with his friend. He had a blast but was happy to be home. He even wanted to snuggle with me last night! Those days are far and few between lately.'s almost time for me to "get up" and get ready for work. Good morning!

Joe and Hannah enjoying their playdough Rumpelstiltskin..sorry the photos aren't the greatest, I forgot my camera and these were taken with Aaron's cell phone.