Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Basket Friend

I think maybe Hannah needs some friends.... And do you think maybe I blog too much?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I picked Joe up from his first day of Kindergarten this afternoon

Me: So, how did you like school.
Joe: It was fun.
Me: What did you do?
Joe: I went to science class.
Me: Did you have a different teacher for science?
Joe: Yes
Me: Did you like her?
Joe: She was okay.
Me: Do you like Miss Steele? (His regular teacher)
Joe: (his voice went quite low) OH YES...DEFINITELY! She's so pretty.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Francisco

Jenny, Jo, my mom and I went to San Francisco for the day while I was in California....it was so much fun! Thanks guys for a lovely birthday surprise!

My Aunt Jo and I at the Airport ...ready for a day of fun!

The Bay Bridge

a veiw of Alcatraz taken from Fishermans Wharf.
All the sea lions taking a sun bath.
We ate at a restaurant where we had a view of all thos sea lions.

My clam chowder in a sour dough breadbowl (before)

Me and My mom....after her glasses of wine....hee hee!


A view of the city!

Some townhouses...there were tons of these!


We had dinner in China Town...mmmmmm......

dim sum anyone?

Candlestick Park

I'd like to say I left my heart in San Francisco.....but my heart lies with my family.....I missed them a ton and now I miss them a ton!

Monday, August 17, 2009


My friend Stacie is an awesome photographer!! She deserves a giant medal for being so patient and kind, especially for living through the Joseph experience!! Taking pictures of 7 kids is not the most fun but they turned out so awesome! Thanks so much Stacie!! (and Nate!) If you're in Lincoln and you need pictures call Stacie! http://www.staciepowersphotography.blogspot.com/

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Far......

I am having the best time ever! My sister picked me up at the airport and then we went over to my mom's to pick up my mom and aunt and we went to breakfast. I have missed my sister like crazy and she made me laugh the whole time! It's so good to see my mom and aunt too. Then after dropping off the old ladies...hee hee.....Jenny and I went down to my dad's. We took a nap.....it was a lovely, no children interruptions, nap...ahhhhh! We went to a lovely restaurant that evening where my dad spent more than I make in a week on our awesome dinner!! Oh all the rich food...I truly felt so spoiled! We sat out on the veranda and it was such wonderful weather...so beautiful. Yesterday Jenny and I went shopping...did I mention how much I've missed her.....and then we went to lunch at the Souplantation (same as Sweet Tomatoes for all you Utah folk). We do not have anything like that in Nebraska and I've missed it! We ate way too much and had to roll on back to my dads so we could take another nap....YES, two naps in two days....it was a MIRACLE! After naptime my Dad, Carolyn, Jenny and I all went to see Julie and Julia....Everyone must see this movie!!! It was so good that I clapped at the end!! Which, I'm happy to report, embarrassed my sister! I must add that I was not the only one to clap...I was just the loudest clapper. Then we went to Mimi's Cafe...another place we do not have in Lincoln....it was so good. We came home and watched one of the kids plays...I have them on DVD. We went up to bed at 930 and Jen and I talked until I couldn't stay awake any longer.... I'm still on Nebraska time and I was up at 530am...tried to go back to sleep but I'm just wide awake....
Today my dad and I are going to some childhood friends home. It will be so fun to see them and take a trip down memory lane. They both grew up on the street of my childhood...Achilles Circle.....and they got married. I haven't seen them in many many years!! It will be cool! Then later Jen and I will go shopping again (thanks DAD!) and we'll head up to my mom's later tonight.

I do miss my kids and husband....that being said...this trip is going by too fast!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Joshy!

Better late than never...here is a celebration of Josh's life. Several years ago, 15 to be exact, I woke up feeling a little strange....while eating my bowl of cereal I felt what I instantly remembered to be a "real contraction"....I had Aaron start timing them....they went from the first two being 5 minutes apart to all of them being 2 minutes apart...we got to the hospital and 45 minutes later Josh entered the world. He had brown hair!! I really thought we'd have a red headed baby again. From the beginning he was a mama's boy and he still is....though don't tell anyone because that's not cool. He has always loved babies and has mauled everyone of his younger siblings.....though I have to admit it was nice when Joe came along and he wanted to change his diapers and give him baths. He is also very social and has always had many friends. He loves baseball...and has played little league for six years now. He LOVES music. He plays the saxophone and the french horn. He's also taught himself some songs on the guitar and can plink out a few tunes on the piano....(whenever I hear foo fighter songs wafting down the hall from the primary room after church on Sunday...I know where to find him) He's involved with marching band and drama. He's very smart and gets super grades. A few negative traits....he's pretty sloppy....and he can be lazy......and he gets too involved in video games and can be almost violent about having to quit playing....I'm so proud of him and love him a ton!! Happy late birthday son....

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

It's a long story...we wanted a dog to be a friend for our Molly....you'd think that having so many people around would be enough but she just seemed sad and lonely sometimes. So, we went to the Humane Society...we found a lovely friend for her....they played so well together (Molly came with us to the Humane Society). We brought her home, her name was Daisy, she was already potty trained she was perfect in all ways (except her shedding black hair). Then a fight...Molly was hurt it was so upsetting....after much worrying, much research on the internet and another fight we decided Daisy would not be the dog for us. We took her back...her story does have a happy ending..we know she was adopted by a family with two little boys...we were there, we saw it happen! So back to my long story. We had to find another dog....only exchanges, no refunds. I came home from work on Friday...the kids were so so excited....."there are some basset puppies on the website!!". Another trip to Omaha (third one this week!). There were two males left. We saw both of them...we fell in love with the first one. He came home with us after Molly met him and approved. Then the fun began....what shall we name him!!??? Boy the opinions!! Everyone liked something different. After two days of "discussion" he has a name!! We had to write everyone's choices on little pieces of paper, put them in a bowl and draw his name...but he has a name!! His name is.....MURPHY! He is adorable and cute and we love him!