Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Joshy!

Better late than is a celebration of Josh's life. Several years ago, 15 to be exact, I woke up feeling a little strange....while eating my bowl of cereal I felt what I instantly remembered to be a "real contraction"....I had Aaron start timing them....they went from the first two being 5 minutes apart to all of them being 2 minutes apart...we got to the hospital and 45 minutes later Josh entered the world. He had brown hair!! I really thought we'd have a red headed baby again. From the beginning he was a mama's boy and he still is....though don't tell anyone because that's not cool. He has always loved babies and has mauled everyone of his younger siblings.....though I have to admit it was nice when Joe came along and he wanted to change his diapers and give him baths. He is also very social and has always had many friends. He loves baseball...and has played little league for six years now. He LOVES music. He plays the saxophone and the french horn. He's also taught himself some songs on the guitar and can plink out a few tunes on the piano....(whenever I hear foo fighter songs wafting down the hall from the primary room after church on Sunday...I know where to find him) He's involved with marching band and drama. He's very smart and gets super grades. A few negative traits....he's pretty sloppy....and he can be lazy......and he gets too involved in video games and can be almost violent about having to quit playing....I'm so proud of him and love him a ton!! Happy late birthday son....

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Steph and Jeff said...

Cute smilebox. It is always fun to see what teenagers looked like when they were kids. I happy about your new dog/friend for Molly.

Lia said...

Happy birthday from the Andersons!!