Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Francisco

Jenny, Jo, my mom and I went to San Francisco for the day while I was in California....it was so much fun! Thanks guys for a lovely birthday surprise!

My Aunt Jo and I at the Airport ...ready for a day of fun!

The Bay Bridge

a veiw of Alcatraz taken from Fishermans Wharf.
All the sea lions taking a sun bath.
We ate at a restaurant where we had a view of all thos sea lions.

My clam chowder in a sour dough breadbowl (before)

Me and My mom....after her glasses of wine....hee hee!


A view of the city!

Some townhouses...there were tons of these!


We had dinner in China Town...mmmmmm......

dim sum anyone?

Candlestick Park

I'd like to say I left my heart in San Francisco.....but my heart lies with my family.....I missed them a ton and now I miss them a ton!


Steph and Jeff said...

That looks really beautiful. I've never been to California. The sea lions would kind of gross me out though, especially while I was eating.

Lara said...

I was just at all those places two months ago! You look great Kim!!

Cindy said...

What a fun trip. I love going to San Fran. So many fun things to see and do.

Michelle said...

Those pictures are awesome! That is so neat that you got to go and have some mommy time. I'm glad you had fun. :)

Lia said...

I love San Fran! And I only use Ghiradeli chocolate in my chocolate chip cookies! It's the best!!

Alisa said...

Cute picture of you, too, Kim! I'm glad you had a nice break (and a fun one!) in California!

Cheristy said...

Awesome pictures Kim. It looks like you had a great time on your trip.