Sunday, June 20, 2010


Joe is six...he's at that age when I cringe each time he opens his mouth in public. I'm never quite sure what will escape his lips, if will be embarrassing or cute or both. A couple days ago at the library he was sitting at the coloring table with another little boy and the boy's mom and teenage sister were there too. I was wandering through the children's books...picking some out to take home. I heard Hannah run up and hug him and say "I love you Joey!". Then I heard the mom say "oh, is that your sister? She's so sweet". Then I heard a lot of laughter from the mom and the teenage sister. I asked them what he said....He said "I'm glad I'm going to die before she does so I won't have to be around her....for a while, anyway".

Monday, June 14, 2010


A few days ago Megan and I went to D.I. for all you Utah folks. They had Scattergories...have you ever played? We had the game several years ago but at some point over the years it bit the dust. We checked inside the box and discovered it contained everything needed to play and so we got it....just 4 bucks! Last night we finally was a blast! We played 12 rounds! There was no fighting...just laughter. We discovered that google is awesome for times when there is a question as to whether or not Alexandria is an actual city...or if Turkish is a real language. It was round 12...the letter was S. I was so excited to come up with "Snow Pea" as a vegetable....I came up with the rest of the answers so easily and actually filled every wasn't until we started to go through our answers that I discovered that instead of the rest of my answers starting with an S.....they all started with a P. That was when we decided that it was time for mom to go to bed.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

In Laws

My in laws are's nice to see them but it hasn't all been a bowl full of cherries....I won't get to into it...for those who want to know more you'll have to call me. But here's a funny thing....we were sitting at dinner last night and my father in law was talking and Joe blurts out "He sounds just like Eeyore!" For those who have met my father in law you'll know why this is so funny! We're going to the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha tomorrow...I hope it'll be fun.