Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Trip to Utah.....It was a surprise!

We planned a surprise trip to Utah.  My sister has surprised us so many times and it was about time for her to have the tables turned!  Here is our trip in pictures.....
Joe slept most of the time.

Hannah watching a movie...look at that intense face!

The sun looked so cool!  

What Megan did most of the trip....thanks to Grandma Kay for the laptop!

We only stopped to eat once on the way....we had lots of snacks in the van.

My cute girl!

Joe would not be in any of the pictures but insisted on this one.

After surprising Jenny and Grandma Jo we went to Golden Coral...Hannah two fisted it with the drumsticks.

Grandma Jo and Jenny have a pool!!  Hannah wanted to be in it at all times....

Joe and Matthew having a grand time!

Megan having fun at Sephora


We had so so much fun at the Murray Schafers!....Joe and Barrett

Hannah and her favorite cousin

Megan is so glad I'm taking pictures.

Joe and Barrett hamming it up for the camera

Elizabeth showing her skills

Zack can do it too!

smile!!  Zack, Elizabeth, Michelle, Stephanie and Megan

Group picture!


The morning we were set to leave I found this....they are both asleep.

How one can sleep in this position is beyond me.

oh mountains, how I will miss you!

Zack and Megan goofing off

Oh Zack!!  You are sooooo funny!

Joe and Hannah with their cousin, Ryan. 

Cousins Amy and Zane with Matthew and Megan

Zane and Matthew...we LOVE Zanes haircut!!

OH YEAH!!  Cousins are awesome!!

Lauren joining in on the  group picture...

Lauren and Hannah
It's always so hard to say good bye.....my son, I already miss you a ton!

Good bye beautiful mountains.....

Yay!!!  Zane is coming home with us!!

Back in Nebraska....no mountains as far as one can see....but beautiful green!

My van, in great need of a bath!

Saturday, June 2, 2012