Monday, April 29, 2013

It's in her blood.....

Yesterday Hannah was to give a talk in Primary.  I wrote out her talk on blank piece of white paper and left it on the piano.  I told her I wanted her to practice it while I was doing her hair up in my room.  I told her to grab a brush and meet me upstairs.....she called out "Should I bring my script?"  What can I say.....Drama runs in our family....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flatiron Woes (like woe is me)

The good side
The burned hair
the bad side

So, I burned my hair with the new flat iron Aaron bought for Megan and me.  We've been using the old one for so long that I guess it just wasn't as hot as the new one and I just burned the heck out of the section right in the front on the left side of my face. I was mortified.....thinking now I'm going to have a Anne Hathaway hairstyle and I didn't even get to be in a movie to get that pretty doo....nor do I have a nice skinny face to support that style.  I got on the internet (what did we ever do without it) and saw that many recommended this product.....

I got some and feel that it has worked wonders with the rest of my hair but the burned part is still burned.  I used to blow dry my hair and it would be a giant fluff it's all nice and smooth.  The pictures above are just a blow dry, no flat iron and no product.  Maybe eventually the burned part will be better and I won't have to get a pixie pretty Ginnifer Goodwin or Anne Hathaway....though I'd like to think that someday I'll be brave enough to just go for it.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A post about Bon Jovi

Josh was lucky enough to get to go see Bon Jovi in concert.  He was telling us about it at dinner one night last week and I mentioned that I got to see Bon Jovi in the 80's, back when their hair was really big and their spandex pants were really tight.....and that's when Joe yelled out, really loudly.....YOU WERE ALIVE IN THE 80'S!!!!?????

yeah.....feeling pretty old.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Oldest Comes Home

Zack came home for a week.  It went by way too speed lightening.  I'm sad he had to go back so soon.  I really miss having him around.  He was gone so much of the time visiting with friends that I feel like I didn't get to spend much time with him.  He did go to Church with us to a friends ward for their baby's blessing.  We also did family pictures and then went out to dinner.  I just wish we had more time.....  I remember when they were all little and hoping for the day when they would grow up and not need me so much...but now I realize I was foolish to wish for those days because they came all too quickly and now I miss all the times they needed hoo....  Hopefully we will somehow fit in a trip to Utah this summer...fingers and toes crossed!

Josh, Lexi (one of Zack's best friends) and Zack playing around at my work.  We went to visit one night....
At Ivanna Cone
Another one from when we were at Ivanna Cone