Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flatiron Woes (like woe is me)

The good side
The burned hair
the bad side

So, I burned my hair with the new flat iron Aaron bought for Megan and me.  We've been using the old one for so long that I guess it just wasn't as hot as the new one and I just burned the heck out of the section right in the front on the left side of my face. I was mortified.....thinking now I'm going to have a Anne Hathaway hairstyle and I didn't even get to be in a movie to get that pretty doo....nor do I have a nice skinny face to support that style.  I got on the internet (what did we ever do without it) and saw that many recommended this product.....

I got some and feel that it has worked wonders with the rest of my hair but the burned part is still burned.  I used to blow dry my hair and it would be a giant fluff it's all nice and smooth.  The pictures above are just a blow dry, no flat iron and no product.  Maybe eventually the burned part will be better and I won't have to get a pixie pretty Ginnifer Goodwin or Anne Hathaway....though I'd like to think that someday I'll be brave enough to just go for it.


Stephanie said...

Ha. I totally burned my hair with my blow dryer as I was dying. I was brushing out pieces of burned hair. Oh and the smell is awful.

Cousin Jonathan said...

What did the human race do before the invention of electric appliances?
Seriously though, I can feel for you. I messed up one time with a pair of shears; got in a hurry and thought I had my thinning shears. But it's hair. It grows out.

Jewels said...

We saw this girl with a pixie this weekend and we (my sisters and I) were admiring it. But, as was pointed out, you have to have the right face/head for that. Mine's way to big!