Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Exactly when did the Tables Turn?

When my kids were little they would embarrass me. Especially Zack and Megan...don't know why these two in particular, but it's true. I suppose the reason Zack would embarrass me was because he was so curious. He wanted to know about everything and he wanted to know why. His FAVORITE thing to say was "cause why?" and to this day Aaron and I still ask each other this all the time....CAUSE WHY? And Megan, she was the girl who would blurt out whatever was on her mind at exactly the time it was on her mind. I can't tell you how many times I found myself back peddaling in conversations because of her "sharing" what she'd heard mommy say I said, embarrassing. So, in the famous words of my father in-law "What I'd like to know" is....when did I start embarrassing my kids? Now that I know I have this power it's just way too much fun for me! I found that I'm especially embarrassing to my Megan....oh, the joy and rapture this brings me....I found this out recently when we were at the One Act District Competition and I asked her in the auditorium what she thought of one the high schools performances....she was so offended and told me under no circumstances would she engage in "that kind of conversation" with me.....I was litterally dumbstruck....yet, somewhat tickled. The next time we were in an autorium we were watching the Choir Concert at North Star. There was a kid there dressed in the tightest black shiny pants I've ever seen on a guy....all I had to do was just lean towards Megan and she was slapping at me and whispering "no, no, no!" she was ready to get up and walk out and I hadn't said a word! (insert evil laughter here.....)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

technical difficulties

I'm having some technical difficulties with my backround. I've never ever had this problem and it's making me want to scrap this blog and start a new one. I don't know what the dealio is but will have to have a more technical person (Josh or Aaron) take a look at it and see what the heck!

I'm having other "technical diffictulties" in my life right now too. I try to keep things positive here in my that's why I've not written much lately.