Wednesday, December 14, 2011

technical difficulties

I'm having some technical difficulties with my backround. I've never ever had this problem and it's making me want to scrap this blog and start a new one. I don't know what the dealio is but will have to have a more technical person (Josh or Aaron) take a look at it and see what the heck!

I'm having other "technical diffictulties" in my life right now too. I try to keep things positive here in my that's why I've not written much lately.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! It's Steve. Maybe I can help you with your blog. I have some website experience. Also, don't forget to text or call me! Take care.

Julie said...

Have you changed to the updated version? I can't remember specifically what it is, but after I did it, it made a HUGE difference. (That probably wasn't any help whatsoever! Wish I could just 'drop by' and see if I could help in person!!!)

Unknown said...

I think I got you covered sunshine!!! i see your background the way you wanted it.