Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I hoped to never hear...

Mommy you're starting to have a beard.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank you

We came home a couple days ago to find a nice surprise in the mail box. Auntie Jenny, Auntie Jo and Zane had sent birthday presents for Joe and some new clothes for Matthew!! How lovely!
Gotta love the photos!

Monday, November 23, 2009

juvenile delinquent

I got a call on Friday and I'm sorry to say it wasn't my first. He was in the office again...had a bad day. First he came at someone with a fork in the lunchroom...then he was pushing and shoving kids out of line...then the biggest topper...he ripped off a girls hat as he yelled "YOU ASIAN GIRL!!". was a proud day for this mother...
I knew it would be a different experience sending him off to school...he has such a huge personality! The boy who disrobed every Sunday in his first year of Primary...the boy who jumped off the exam table right into his Doctor's arms because he had "become" Wolverine...the boy who would rip his shirt right off wherever we were because he was The Hulk...He's also the boy who loves his mom so much he would like to marry her...the boy who tells us he loves us all the love in the planet...the boy who brings me so much laughter and joy.
Oh, the joys and trials of motherhood...Wish me luck at my meeting at the school today!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fine Art and a Smart Mama

Look at this picture...
This morning Joe showed it to me and said "guess who this is?"...I looked at it and looked at it and wanted to blurt "HELLO KITTY!" ...but, this is Joe we're talking about and I KNEW kitties were not his, I finally looked at the hands...
Any guesses?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Joseph Henry

The other night Dad came home with pictures. He found the film and decided to get it developed not knowing what would be the outcome. He brought the pictures home as a surprise for me. I was so thankful! I always wondered what happened to the pictures from this event. The event being your birth. So much has happened in our family since the day you were born. Two big moves and another sister added to the family among many other adventures. Looking at these pictures brought back so many memories and feelings. I felt so excited and so nervous. I'd forgotten how painful having a baby it really hurts and looking at these pictures reminded me of how much! I wondered how having another baby would affect your brothers and turned out that it was wonderful! We all LOVED having you with us. You had more attention and care than any other baby ever (at least that's what I think). I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute with you. Now you are six and I still adore you and think you are wonderful...just can't honestly say I enjoy every minute! LOL
I LOVE this picture...I love my midwife Sandae and you can see why, she is so loving and caring.

I think this one is my favorite...the look on Lia's face is priceless!! And I love the look on my sister's face...been there done that. (She has attended four of the six births) (sorry Jenny, I included a picture of you). Kim looks so intrigued and my Aunt Jo and cousin Christine look amazed.

Every thing happened so fast. You were born just two hours after arriving at the hospital and only 4 hours after my first contraction. I love the smiles in this picture!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! I wonder what I was saying to daddy. When I asked him if he remembered he said I was probably saying "he's bald!"...(you, not daddy).

I gave the older three kids the option of being in the room and Josh and Zack wanted to be there but not in the room...they were waiting in the waiting room and after you were born they came right on in. They were very excited to see you! Especially Josh...he loves babies!

Everyone was so happy and excited!

Your first close up.

A sweet baby boy~

Me with my wonderful midwife, Sandae.

A brothers love

A gigantic thank you to my wonderful sister in law Michelle, she is the awesome photographer!


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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Joe: Mom, I don't give Paris (a girl at school) Eskimo kisses I just give her hugs

Me: You really like Paris don't you.

Joe: Yeah...I think I might marry her when we grow up.

Me: Oh really?

Joe: Yeah...she's black (a slight pause)...we'll have black babies!!(another slight pause)...and white ones too!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Zoo

Last Thursday Aaron and I had a day off on the same day! This has not happened in quite some, although there were dishes to be done, laundry to do, and many many other things to be done....we went to the Omaha zoo. We only had a short time before we had to go get the older kids from school but we enjoyed the gorillas the most! It was fun to go with just one kid...well, two counting Aaron.

And for your viewing pleasure I've included a small clip of Hannah's singing abilities. I know we "enjoyed" this little song for the entire hour we drove home....I wonder if I should teach her the other verses...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh the things they say...

We were picking up a pizza at our favorite, "Little Cheesers", and when I went in to pay I walked past one of the employees who was hanging out in front of the store having a smoke break. When I came back to the van Megan told me that Joe had asked if that lady was a HOBO!! I didn't even know he knew that word!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday all of sudden I had no idea where Hannah was. She's such a sweet girl most of the time and can find things to do to entertain herself. She does like to sing and talk while she's playing so I usually can hear her playing and suddenly I realized I couldn't hear or see her! I panicked. I was running through the house yelling her name I was frantic! There have been a couple other times this has happened and both times she was not in a good place....once when she was very small (she was crawling) we found her under the furnace! (the furnace was up on blocks). The other time I found her stuck out in the van and it was HOT and she was sweaty and it was probably one of the most scary moments of my life....anyway, I do digress. So, here I am yelling for her, running through the house and then I opened the door going out to the garage and the garage door was open! I ran out yelling for her and the neighbor boys pointed down the street and there she was riding her big wheel. I ran down to her feeling a mixture of relief and anger, when she said so sweetly "mom, I'm practicing riding my bike". I looked and there she was pedaling! Her usual way of riding her bike is to push off with her feet....but here she was using the pedals and it was working! So, I did what I didn't have time to do.....I walked with her around the block so she could practice. As we walked/rode every once in a while she needed a little get over a hump in the sidewalk. I thought how interesting it was that while she was learning to ride her bike...Zack and Josh are learning to drive a car....while she needs me to give her a little push now and then and a reminder to steer the bike straight the boys need me to tell them when to slow down and when to merge and they also need me to keep my eyes open even if I want to curl into the fetal position and kiss the ground when we're out of the car. They are all in different stages of learning....but they all still need a little or maybe a lot of help. As we walked and rode around that block I thought about my children when they were born...they were so tiny and helpless and they needed me for everything!!! As they grow they learn and it's our job to teach them and as they learn they need you to do things for them less and less. Parenting is learning to let go... a little at a time....and I think that is the hardest part!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I need help again!

Please go to my friend's website and help me pick the best pictures of Hannah and Joe ( Stacie is such a wonderful photographer! She had the fun idea to meet at the park and take pictures of the kids in their costumes and she got some darling shots! She was able to really capture their personalities! So, let me know which ones you like the best of my kids so I can pick! I want them all!

Oh, and be sure to check out the ones of Hannah with the other two little girls...those are my friend Brenda's kids. She watches Hannah for me when Aaron and I both working and Hannah loves her girls!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


These pictures are in random order.
Joe went as the Thing from Fantastic Four
Hannah and Joe....don't ya love the crossed eyes?

Hannah is Cinderella and she was sure to tell everyone at every door she went to!

Matthew went as a biker demon...yeah...that's my boy!

Megan and Murphy as a flower and a bee.

Murphy, getting his costume on.

Josh is a cowboy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sometimes I feel so alone....does anyone else struggle so much with their teenage daughter....mine is barely 13 and I just feel like we are two completely different species! I am a touchy feely person...she HATES to be touched. I NEED to talk things out....she prefers to NEVER talk about anything. How do I let her know how much I love her? I remember when she was born and I was so excited to finally have a girl. I've always been so lovey dovey with her and tried so hard for her to always know she is beautiful and special and now I feel like she does all she can to push me away. Does anyone else go through this? Does anyone remember being like this with their own mom? Is there a chance for us to have a good relationship?