Saturday, November 14, 2009


Joe: Mom, I don't give Paris (a girl at school) Eskimo kisses I just give her hugs

Me: You really like Paris don't you.

Joe: Yeah...I think I might marry her when we grow up.

Me: Oh really?

Joe: Yeah...she's black (a slight pause)...we'll have black babies!!(another slight pause)...and white ones too!!


Susan said...

Whoa! Nothing like planning ahead.

Michelle S. said...

I'll start on embroidering a personalized wall hanging now, while my eyesight is barely hanging in there. Then when the blessed event happens, it will only need the date.

Please thank Joe for the advanced notice. It will make things run more smoothly for many of us.

Michelle S. said...

Also, does it worry him at all that his future wife has the same name as the hampster that escaped in St. George? Does he remember the hampster?

Deb said...

Your kids crack me up!

K+N+N+A said...

Out of the mouth of babes... I love the innocence. :) Your kids are great!