Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Joseph Henry

The other night Dad came home with pictures. He found the film and decided to get it developed not knowing what would be the outcome. He brought the pictures home as a surprise for me. I was so thankful! I always wondered what happened to the pictures from this event. The event being your birth. So much has happened in our family since the day you were born. Two big moves and another sister added to the family among many other adventures. Looking at these pictures brought back so many memories and feelings. I felt so excited and so nervous. I'd forgotten how painful having a baby was....man it really hurts and looking at these pictures reminded me of how much! I wondered how having another baby would affect your brothers and sisters....it turned out that it was wonderful! We all LOVED having you with us. You had more attention and care than any other baby ever (at least that's what I think). I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute with you. Now you are six and I still adore you and think you are wonderful...just can't honestly say I enjoy every minute! LOL
I LOVE this picture...I love my midwife Sandae and you can see why, she is so loving and caring.

I think this one is my favorite...the look on Lia's face is priceless!! And I love the look on my sister's face...been there done that. (She has attended four of the six births) (sorry Jenny, I included a picture of you). Kim looks so intrigued and my Aunt Jo and cousin Christine look amazed.

Every thing happened so fast. You were born just two hours after arriving at the hospital and only 4 hours after my first contraction. I love the smiles in this picture!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! I wonder what I was saying to daddy. When I asked him if he remembered he said I was probably saying "he's bald!"...(you, not daddy).

I gave the older three kids the option of being in the room and Josh and Zack wanted to be there but not in the room...they were waiting in the waiting room and after you were born they came right on in. They were very excited to see you! Especially Josh...he loves babies!

Everyone was so happy and excited!

Your first close up.

A sweet baby boy~

Me with my wonderful midwife, Sandae.

A brothers love

A gigantic thank you to my wonderful sister in law Michelle, she is the awesome photographer!


Susan said...

Very sweet. It brings back a lot of memories. Isn't it funny how we remember the birth of our children so vividly? Everything else is a total blurrrrrrrr, but I can remember EVERY little thing going on with the birth of all of my children. I could probably even write down the entire dialogue happening during all five as well. As it should be. Moments like these are not easily forgotten.

Lia said...

Ha ha ha!!! I totally remember loving this experience, but my face seems to contradict those feelings!! Too funny! I still say it was pretty awesome! Thanks for letting me be there. (Side note: I remember thinking I was thin. BAHAHAHA!)

Cindy said...

Kim, these pictures are just so awesome! It brings back memories of my babies and their births!
Your pictures bring joy!

Nicole said...

What a sweet suprise!

And yeah, Lia's face is priceless!