Monday, March 28, 2011


Hannah is sick...again! That girl gets sick so's just frustrating. When she's sick she likes to be on me and I do mean on me. Aaron mentioned that it looked like she was a part of my body the other morning when she came up to snuggle because her head hurt. Recently I got all the Buffy the Vampire seasons from the library....we watched the musical episode from season 6 too many times to count. Hannah especially loved this episode. On Saturday she was on my lap and looked like she was sleeping...suddenly she opened her eyes, looked up at me and sang "I touch the Fire and it freezes me."....just out of the blue! We returned Buffy a few weeks ago....that line she sang is from the was cute...and a bit disturbing too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

My oldest three children are very involved in Speech. For those not familiar there are several events to compete in. My kids tend to like the events that involve acting. This year Josh's events included DI (dramatic interpretation) and Duet (Duet Acting). In his DI he did a piece called "I am not Batman". He told the story of a little boy imagining he was batman and he could save his father, who is a janitor and also a drunk. His other event, Duet, is a pieced called The Threadmen" about two men stuck on an elevator together, one a psychiatrist (Josh), the other a man who has been evaluated by said psychiatrist and deemed insane, thus spending 3 years undergoing pychiatric the "crazy" one is in an elevator with the man who brought all this down on's pretty intense! Now to explain a little about how a Speech meet works....Events start at a certain time....if you are double entered (entered in two events) you have to go to your first event....make sure you let the judge know you are double entered....and then after you perform you hurry to your next event to perform there. We parents follow our kids around....going to their events, which are held in classrooms. So, here we are at State (Imagine your sports team making it to the State competition...this is how exciting it is to make it to State!) Anyway, we went to the competition with David's parents (David is Josh's duet partner). David and Josh were both double entered so they decided to do their duet first and then run off to their other events. Each event was held in a different building at UNK (University of Nebraska Kearney). So they performed their duet and it was awesome! The ending is very intense....Josh is on the ground pleading for his life and crying....when it was over Josh stood up.....he was leaning over saying something....I thought he was saying "I broke my knee....I broke my knee".....what he was really saying was "I broke my pants....I broke my pants".....and boy did he! His pants were beyond broken.....there were many of us watching them. Davids parents, me and and Aaron, Tori, Mrs Broeker (his Speech coach), one of the Speech helpers and her parents....we were all trying to think of what to do....he still had to run over to perform his DI! Mrs Broeker had a sewing kit and a safety pin....Aaron worked some magic and with a couple stitches and a safety pin Josh was ready to perform his DI. He did an awesome job for someone who knew he was a couple stitches and a safety pin away from showing his world to everyone in the room! After he performed we took him to JCPenny and got him new pants. He and David went on to finals with their Duet and came in 5th place. He did not make it to finals with his DI but not for lack of trying....

The zipper broke and they ripped all the way around to his hiney....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Very LONG update with a TMI paragraph at the end.

I thought I'd write a little update on everyone....haven't done this for a while.

*Hannah is loving her daycare! She's been going to Julie's for over a year now and it's been the best fit for her. She has friends there and she loves going. Julie takes the kids to fun places like The Childrens Museum, the park and cool indoor play places. Hannah LOVES this! I LOVE this! Last week they went to the Circus! I got information in the mail to enroll her in kindergarten for next year....I can't believe my baby will be going to kindergarten! I know she will miss Julie and so will I! Her hair is getting so long! I love cute short bobs on my girls but Megan still holds a grudge against me for keeping her hair so short when she was little, so I'm letting Hannah's hair grow long (like Rapunzel). She's still so sweet and snuggly but she's also a stinker sometimes. She's pretty spoiled and bratty and I'm sure I had NOTHING to do with that. She's really been loving Josh seems like she flip flops between Zack and Josh and right now Josh is the brother of choice. She loved taking swimming lessons recently and I think the best part of the whole thing was that she no longer FREAKS out when I wash her hair....YAY! She and Joe will be starting another round of swim lessons at the end of the month (Thanks Grandad!).....

*Joe is doing so well in school! This is the most wonderful thing considering he was almost suspended from school last year. He's not had to visit the principal even once in 1st grade...WOO HOO! He has made so much progress with his impulsive's still there and we still have moments but it's gotten so much better! I realized this the other day when we were at his Dr's appointment. He's on Ridalin and so we have to visit the Dr every so often to make sure everything is hunky dory. So, the first time we went to the Dr....Joe was OUT OF CONTROL....jumping all over the place and taking his shirt off and not listening and it was embarrassing and pretty much a nightmare. That was when our Dr suggested we take Joe to see a Psychiatrist and to counseling. Which we did.....and now he's doing so much better that we switched back to just seeing our regular Dr....and he was a dream at the last appointment, sitting nicely in the chair the entire time and chatting with the Dr. I was so proud of him. He's such a sweet, loving boy. He's loving playing outside now the weather has gotten so warm and nice. He also LOVES the Wii....

*Matthew is growing up.....he's passing the Sacrament at church and really loves attending Young Mens (church youth group). He's also filling out some....he's always been so skinny! We took him off his ADHD medication this year....he's doing awesome without it. He's doing well in school and his behavior at home has gotten so much better! No more HUGE tantrums....just a little one here and much better! He's been playing the alto saxophone at school and is so excited because he was able to start playing the baritone's very big.....recently. He has been so helpful to me this year, watching the little ones so much so I can go to all the big kids school things. He's also discovered a love for reading! He plays with Joe alot but also fights with him alot too....*sigh* He is so happy that he recently got a cell phone.

*Megan is LOVING high school...she skipped a grade this year. She went from 7th grade to 9th grade...after much consideration and prayer on my part. I knew she wasn't happy in Nebraska...I thought this would help and it has! She's been able to keep her grades up (my biggest worry was that she'd be over her head with the academic jump). She is involved in Drama and Speech. She's done so well with Speech this year! She's made it to finals several times with her event which is poetry and that's so good for a freshman (novice). She and I are so different. We struggle at times but we also have a good time together long as I don't try to hug her or touch her. She and I are taking a little trip to California in May....I'm looking forward to that time with her.

*Josh is really having such a successful Speech season. He is going to State with both of his events. I've truly LOVED watching him perform! He's not home a whole lot but when he is home he likes to lay around and play the wii. He has a girlfriend, Tori. I really like her and have been very impressed with how respectful they are to each other and how romantic Josh is! He writes her poems and leaves little notes on her car for her. I told him to give his dad some pointers.....
He's got a lead in the upcoming Spring play. He's also singing in concert choir and choreographed choir. No wonder he likes to lay around when he's home....

*Zack is soooo ready to move away and go to school. This has been an interesting year for him and for the family. He's dating a boy named Greg, he's been over for dinner a few times...we all like him. That's the interesting part...he still goes to church with us but doesn't really want's hard, but not hard too. I guess it's kind of hard to explain. He's our son...we love him. He did so well in the last school play, I really think it was one of if not the best performance I've ever seen from him. He truly found the character. After a lot of thought he decided not to try out for the Spring play. He's really struggled with his relationship with his drama teacher and decided he didn't want to go through the stress. I'm sad for me...I LOVE watching him....but I'm proud of him for standing up for himself. He's also done so well in Speech. He came so very close to making it to the National Competition. (the top three went and he came in fourth). He's also going to State for both of his Speech events. He is also in concert choir and choreographed's so fun to watch both my boys up on the stage singing and dancing. He leaves sometime this summer for Utah to get ready to attend the University of Utah. It's a very exciting time in his life and a bittersweet time for me.....

*Aaron continues to look for work. It's been the hardest time in our lives, I think. I'm so grateful to family for helping us make it through this! It depresses me that we are struggling so much in our 40's. I feel ashamed that we need help. I see so many of my old friends doing so well and I wonder what happened to us...we didn't make good choices, we planned terribly. You see, this is why I haven't written much lately....I'm being too negative. I truly wonder how we'll make it out of this one....we can't rely on family and our Church forever. I've struggled with about house is gigantic mess....I've gained weight.....I'm just not myself. I keep on keepin on for my kids....they are my life. I know things just have to get better...I need to keep having faith. I also probably shouldn't be writing this after I've been up all night....things always seem worse when you're tired.....but, things are hard...things are not looking up yet and it's scary. I think I better end this LONG LONG post now.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Megan found Lambie....dressed and ready for a night out on the town....or maybe the street corner?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hannah: The mirror in the bathroom was dirty, so I washed it.

Me: Oh really? What did you use?

Hannah: Wet toilet paper.

Me: Oh...good.