Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Me: Joe, you can not wear those socks! (We were getting ready to go to the library and he was wearing one Spiderman sock and one Lightening McQueen sock)

Joe: Why?

Me: They don't match at all! (One was grey, red and blue and the other White, black, yellow and red.....one long and one short)

Joe: No one will care what socks I'm wearing....it's not like they will see them and say "OOOHHHH you are wearing socks that don't match!! Now you have to go to jail!

Friday, November 26, 2010


My Faith
My kids
My husband
My Sister...I miss you Jenny Wren....
My Dad and Mom
My extended family...love you guys!
My friends
My sweet doggies
A roof over my our heads
food in our cupboards
my job
good insurance
the drama department at the high school
weight watchers
a good book
the ymca
donut day
my sense of humor

and these are just a few of things I'm thankful for....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who needs sleep?

ME!! That's who! I got home from work on Tuesday morning and I did sleep for about 4 hours and then I was just wide awake! Then Wed morning I got home so tired....there was Josh begging me to take him to Kearney (2 hours away) because North Star did not have room to take all the kids to the One Act Festival and some had to find their own way. So, because I thought I would be able to sleep in the van (Josh could drive) I agreed. HA HA....sleeping in a van while a 16 year old is driving is apparently not something I can do. Every time he changed lanes I was yelling out "WHAT HAPPENED!"....I'm not very easy going with the whole teenagers driving thing..... We got there and I was so glad I went. It was North Star's first time performing their One Act....remember...it's The Giver....oh I just love watching them. They are all so talented...especially my kids...hee hee....Zack is so wonderful as The Giver and Megan looks so official as one of the Elders. The rest of the kids do such an awesome job. Anyway, I didn't sleep on the way home either. I got about an hour and a half nap before I had to go back and work all night again. Needless to say....I was one tired mama when I got home on Thursday morning.....and I slept the day away!
North Star's One Act Festival is this Monday, all day. I'm not sure how many other schools will be performing but you should come if you can! It's great entertainment.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling Cheered Up!

This is me...today....it was windy out!

Today I was ready to go to the gym at the same time Joe was ready to go to school. Joe looked at me and said "You are getting so skinny! You are almost as skinny as me!". Although he couldn't know it I just really needed to hear that today. Things here are stressful (as usual). I like to eat when I'm stressed. It helps to hear little tidbits of encouragement. I'm still plugging away with Weight Watchers. I really like it and it's working just great for me. I've lost 18.4 lbs now. I'm down to a size 12 jeans (and they fit great! Not too tight) which is 2 sizes down for me. At my skinniest time when we were living in Balmoral I was wearing a size 8 or a 10. So, I'm close. I've really struggled to get into a good groove with exercising. I've always really loved to exercise and it's strange to be losing this weight without it. But, I'm really gonna try harder to get to the gym. I don't do well running in the cold so I think I'll wait til Spring to run outside. I went to a class this morning...a weight lifting class and it was FUN! I just don't realize how much I love and miss it til I'm there enjoying it. It was nice to see myself in the mirror too and not be totally irritated with myself. I have lost weight...I do look better and I for sure feel better!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Love Struck

Josh has had a crush on Tori for quite a while....he finally convinced her to go out with him....they've been together now for 2 months. She's a beautiful person on the inside and out! He's one lucky boy! And I think they look very cute together.

The Boy is SEVEN!

Joe turned 7 years old on October 25th. I'm running a bit behind in my blogging....

For Joe's birthday we went to the zoo.....this is my "gangsta" boy.
Do to an unforseen car problem....Megan had to make the cake....I think she did an awesome job! It's just what Joe ordered...chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and sprinkles on top.

Joe's favorite gift? Homemade "claws" from big brother Matthew....