Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too much drama for one house

All three of my older kids will be in the fall musical at North Star High next school year. They are doing Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Megan will be in the ensemble, Josh will be the King, and Zack will be the Chef. I'm so excited for all of them....I know how much work it will be and how much time it will take. If you are in Lincoln in September please see the's going to be awesome, I'm sure!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Me: OH MY! (After noticing a gal walking down the street wearing very, very short denim shorts and black stilettos.

Megan: everyone wears shorts like that.

Me: Really?

Megan yep...I've seen them even shorter than that...they're like jeans underwear.

Can I just say that I'm so so so glad Megan doesn't wear them or even want to wear them....thank Heavens!

the latest

We are all so busy lately. Some highlights.....

*Aaron is working alot! I know this is shocking...LOL

*I'm getting ready to start my new job...on June 1st. I'm nervous but excited. I will miss all of my good friends in the kitchen so much.

*Zack got his drivers license and a job at Juice Stop....and he's absolutely appalled that we are having him pay for half of his insurance because "none" of his friends have to pay for their insurance and he doesn't even have his own car! We must be the worst parents ever.....

*Josh just finished acting in a student directed one act play....he did a fine job and really enjoyed it too. He's looking forward to getting a job this summer.

*Megan is all set to skip 8th grade and start 9th grade next year. She's even considering trying out for the fall musical...which is Cinderella....even though she loathes singing. Her teenage eye rolling skills have been in over drive's oh so much fun being her mom...(now my eye rolling skills are getting a workout).

*Matthew is bored all the time....he really needs a good summertime activity...any ideas? He will start at a new middle school next year and is pretty nervous about it...I pray he'll make some good friends.

*Joseph has been a trial and a half. We are still struggling with finding a good med for him and he's still in therapy. He also will start at a new school next year and I've already been to meet with the vice principal to make sure they are ready for him. He LOVES being outside and is LOVING our new swing that dad hung off our big oak tree in the backyard.

*Hannah is loving being at daycare 3 days a week. They go on lots of field trips and learn something new each day.

*Grandma and Grandpa Schafer are planning a trip out here in about a week and a half.....we are excited for them to come but I'm worried about them being bored while I have to sleep during the day. They are coming my first week of training which will take place from 1130pm til 8am 5 days a week for four weeks. I'm afraid I won't be much fun during their stay......and I'm worried (like keep you up at night worried) about how he kids will behave while they are here....

Here's a couple pics of Hannah and Joe taken on our front porch...the weather has been nice then rainy...which makes for a lot of green but also a lot of mud....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conversations (you'll only understand if you've seen Avatar)

We had to stop at Walmart this morning for new socks for's partly my fault for not staying on top of laundry and mostly his fault for losing them because even when I do laundry he only has a couple pair. Anyway....we stopped on the way to school and Zack ran in to get them. When he got back to the van this was the conversation....

Zack: Joe, your socks were made in Honduras.

(some time passed...they were eating donuts because yes...not only did I not do laundry but I also did not go shopping)

Joe: (very happily putting on his new socks) MY SOCKS WERE MADE IN PANDORA!!

Zack: (laughing) Honduras


Zack: Okay....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shop til you Drop....or Drop BECAUSE you Shop...with Megan, that is.

My daughter is 13 and she's a girl. I probably don't really need to go on here...but I will. She needs summer clothes. We went to Kohls. She asked me (very politely...yeah right) to let her pick things out by herself. She told me (in a very nice way...snicker snicker) that she doesn't like my taste in clothing. So, I went off by myself and had a very nice time trying clothes on trying shoes on and looking at cute little girl clothing. About an hour later I met up with my girl again and she had one pair of capris. I told her she should look for shirts...she needs them. So, she went off again and we met again and she had a black top....I said it looked so similar to one she already had. So, I (very foolishly) offered my help....well, maybe I went around the Jr's department pointing out shirts I thought she might like....BAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!

Me: Oh...look at this's so cute!

Megan: has flowers on it...I don't like flowers

Me: How about this one

Megan: It has ruffles...I don't do ruffles.

Me: This one?

Megan: I don't like the texture.

Me: (point)

Megan: I don't wear shirts that button.

Me: (holding one up for her to see)

Megan: It's ugly.

Finally after more comments like....I don't like that print...I don't like the's too thin... and a few others....I just gave up. She got the capris and the black shirt that is almost identical to the black shirt she has at home.