Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shop til you Drop....or Drop BECAUSE you Shop...with Megan, that is.

My daughter is 13 and she's a girl. I probably don't really need to go on here...but I will. She needs summer clothes. We went to Kohls. She asked me (very politely...yeah right) to let her pick things out by herself. She told me (in a very nice way...snicker snicker) that she doesn't like my taste in clothing. So, I went off by myself and had a very nice time trying clothes on trying shoes on and looking at cute little girl clothing. About an hour later I met up with my girl again and she had one pair of capris. I told her she should look for shirts...she needs them. So, she went off again and we met again and she had a black top....I said it looked so similar to one she already had. So, I (very foolishly) offered my help....well, maybe I went around the Jr's department pointing out shirts I thought she might like....BAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!

Me: Oh...look at this's so cute!

Megan: has flowers on it...I don't like flowers

Me: How about this one

Megan: It has ruffles...I don't do ruffles.

Me: This one?

Megan: I don't like the texture.

Me: (point)

Megan: I don't wear shirts that button.

Me: (holding one up for her to see)

Megan: It's ugly.

Finally after more comments like....I don't like that print...I don't like the's too thin... and a few others....I just gave up. She got the capris and the black shirt that is almost identical to the black shirt she has at home.


Steph and Jeff said...

HAHA. It doesn't matter how cool or fashionable a mom is does it? In the kid's mind she is 'mom.' A least you got to look at clothes and shoes.

Tammi said...

That was Anika to a TEE, she didn't like anytthing. It has gotten better with age, but the clothes she would wear were very plain and boring! GOOD LUCK!!

Susan said...

Next time, give her the credit card, a spending limit and a few rules as to what she has to come home with. It saves me a lot of headaches and anger.

Deb said...

Ha! Alyssa did that to me the other day at the shoe store. I pointed to a really cute pair of sandals. Her response? "Mom, those are your style, not mine."

Michelle S. said...

Good times. Good times.

Lia said...

Phil actually likes shopping a lot more than I do, he likes to take Kowhai. I get to hear about things later. Not too bad yet, I'm sure there will more to come. When I take her, I let her pick what she likes then tell HER no when I don't like something.

Alisa said...

:) I hear you! Been there, done (doing) that!