Monday, May 24, 2010


Me: OH MY! (After noticing a gal walking down the street wearing very, very short denim shorts and black stilettos.

Megan: everyone wears shorts like that.

Me: Really?

Megan yep...I've seen them even shorter than that...they're like jeans underwear.

Can I just say that I'm so so so glad Megan doesn't wear them or even want to wear them....thank Heavens!


Lia said...

Ummm, yuck. I'm glad she's not wearing them too!!

Alisa said...

Yeah. Wanna know what else is gross for teens these days??? With the low rise pants, "plumber's bum" is an all too frequent occurrence, and when I mentioned to Kaili that I wished these teens would at least wear long shirts, Kaili said, "Oh, no. It's considered sexy. At school they call it "butt cleavage"!!! EEEWWW!