Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conversations (you'll only understand if you've seen Avatar)

We had to stop at Walmart this morning for new socks for's partly my fault for not staying on top of laundry and mostly his fault for losing them because even when I do laundry he only has a couple pair. Anyway....we stopped on the way to school and Zack ran in to get them. When he got back to the van this was the conversation....

Zack: Joe, your socks were made in Honduras.

(some time passed...they were eating donuts because yes...not only did I not do laundry but I also did not go shopping)

Joe: (very happily putting on his new socks) MY SOCKS WERE MADE IN PANDORA!!

Zack: (laughing) Honduras


Zack: Okay....


Tammi said...

Love that Zack was so willing to let him have his way!!

Lia said...

Best part of that story is Zack saying, "okay". Ha, I love it!! Mmmm donuts sound really good right now.