Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Me: Joe, you can not wear those socks! (We were getting ready to go to the library and he was wearing one Spiderman sock and one Lightening McQueen sock)

Joe: Why?

Me: They don't match at all! (One was grey, red and blue and the other White, black, yellow and red.....one long and one short)

Joe: No one will care what socks I'm wearing....it's not like they will see them and say "OOOHHHH you are wearing socks that don't match!! Now you have to go to jail!


2125 said...

That so sounds like something Braydon would say!When ever his pockets are sticking out I tell him to fix them and instead he pulls them all out. silly boys

Tammi said...

No worries Kim, none of my children ever wear matching socks. It is a battle I gave up on long ago!

Michelle S. said...

Well, he is right. You have to at least give him that!

XOXOXO to Joe!

Susan said...

Sorry, I'm going to have to agree with Joe on this one. It's just the library. I would reserve matching and proper color choice for school and church only.