Monday, March 28, 2011


Hannah is sick...again! That girl gets sick so's just frustrating. When she's sick she likes to be on me and I do mean on me. Aaron mentioned that it looked like she was a part of my body the other morning when she came up to snuggle because her head hurt. Recently I got all the Buffy the Vampire seasons from the library....we watched the musical episode from season 6 too many times to count. Hannah especially loved this episode. On Saturday she was on my lap and looked like she was sleeping...suddenly she opened her eyes, looked up at me and sang "I touch the Fire and it freezes me."....just out of the blue! We returned Buffy a few weeks ago....that line she sang is from the was cute...and a bit disturbing too.


Susan R said...

Oh I know it well. This is what my entire house looked like about two weeks ago (minus the dog).
All I can say is stock up on Motrin, popsicles and the fluids...ride it out.
Hope baby girl is feeling better soon.

Lia said...

Sorry Hannah's not well. No fun. I remember when you and I had our Buffy/Angel addiction! Haha! I folded many loads of laundry watching that stuff!