Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sometimes I feel so alone....does anyone else struggle so much with their teenage daughter....mine is barely 13 and I just feel like we are two completely different species! I am a touchy feely person...she HATES to be touched. I NEED to talk things out....she prefers to NEVER talk about anything. How do I let her know how much I love her? I remember when she was born and I was so excited to finally have a girl. I've always been so lovey dovey with her and tried so hard for her to always know she is beautiful and special and now I feel like she does all she can to push me away. Does anyone else go through this? Does anyone remember being like this with their own mom? Is there a chance for us to have a good relationship?


Lia said...

Well....You don't wanna ask me how this all turned out between my mother and me, but I do see and hear that this happens all the time then the hormones settle and they're normal again! Hang in there, she'll come around.

Michelle S. said...

I am SO glad we got to talk today!!!