Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I picked Joe up from his first day of Kindergarten this afternoon

Me: So, how did you like school.
Joe: It was fun.
Me: What did you do?
Joe: I went to science class.
Me: Did you have a different teacher for science?
Joe: Yes
Me: Did you like her?
Joe: She was okay.
Me: Do you like Miss Steele? (His regular teacher)
Joe: (his voice went quite low) OH YES...DEFINITELY! She's so pretty.


Steph and Jeff said...

Way to start school off right. Having a crush on the teacher. But if my memory serves be correctly, I remember Joe being quite into relationships. "She was my girlfriend, but now she's not talking to me." Too Cute.

Deb said...

That's cute. Start 'em off young!

Lia said...

It's all about the looks baby!