Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something sweet

Don't you just love the mornings...especially when you're the first one up and the house is still sleeping...those are such lovely peaceful moments for me and I get to have them almost everyday, for even when I'm not working, I'm an early riser. This morning was such a morning...everyone was still sleeping and I even got to sleep in until 730! I was sitting in the kitchen enjoying the peace (after letting my stress go...) when I heard someone get up and walk down the was Aaron holding my beautiful Hannah. He said, "didn't you hear her in there talking?"...."No" I lied...hee hee....Then my sweet "baby" said "Mama! It's morning time!!! I was singing for the morning to come, and it did!"....she was so proud of herself. I just love those moments........especially when they come at a particularly hard time.

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Michelle said...

Ahh, that is so sweet.