Monday, June 22, 2009


We had a lovely Father's Day...very low key and nice. I made banana pancakes for breakfast and they turned out very yummy. I found out we were out of pancake syrup after I started the pancakes so I improvised......we are great lovers of peanut butter in our home, so I made peanut butter good! I brought Aaron breakfast in bed and the rest of us ate at the table...though Josh and Zack missed out on the banana pancakes because they are big sleepyheads...they had regular pancakes, which they complained about the whole time.....I say, you snooze, you lose~
Then we got ready for church..went to church...came home and had taco soup for dinner and then had a Project Runway season 3 fun! Aaron told me he dreamed about being a Fashion Designer the whole night long....hee hee!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads I know...thanks Aaron, for being such a good dad....Thanks to my wonderful Dad...Love you!
Here's a picture that Joe drew for Aaron. He told me it's his dad lifting weights. I helped him write some of it...he wrote his own name and he wrote "you"...I helped with the rest. I'm not sure why he wrote numbers everywhere...except that he really likes them...alot! I'll have to write about that sometime........


Stacie said...

Yum! We are also big peanut butter fans in our house, so you will have to let me know how you made pb syrup.

kim said...

I love the picture! So sweet