Monday, June 1, 2009


Here I am...3am. This is the third or fourth time in a week! Okay, I get up at either 4 or 5am to go to work and most nights don't get to bed until 10 or so. Why am I awake!!! I've been up since 2am.....and I have to " get up" in an hour for day five in my six day stretch at work. I know I'll be sorry later...and wish I got that extra sleep! It seems I go through this every once in a while..things weigh so heavy on my mind and I just can't stop thinking.

I've been wanting to blog about a few things...but have just been sooo busy! So, maybe I'll take a little time now...while I SHOULD be sleeping.

A couple weeks ago we went to see Josh perform in the Student Directed One Acts. Every year North Star High's drama department has a few students cast and direct a One Act play. Josh was one of several to try out and made it. This time Zack was behind the scenes as the Tech director. So, Josh was in a play called Frumpled Fairy Tales. It was hysterical! He played Rumpelstiltskin,Rapunzel's dad and the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. I was so proud of him...he did such an awesome job!

I also made some play dough for the kids recently and boy what fun they had! I used to make it more often...but now that I'm working I'm not as fun of a mom anymore. boo hoo! I think the first day I made it, Hannah and Joe played with it for about three hours!!! I'm not exagerating!
I always make Kool Aid play dough, here's the recipe

2 c. flour
1 c. salt
4 tsp. cream of tartar
2 tbsp. vegetable oil (I use canola)
2 c. water
2 sm. pkgs. unsweetened Kool Aid

Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan until well blended then turn on the stove to low to medium heat and stir constantly until you have a "ball" and not "goo". Put on a dry surface and knead until well mixed. It is quite warm at first, so don't burn your little hands!

Last week was the Choral concert and the Band concert. They were both so good. I love how involved my boys are in school. I never really did much in high school, I just love that they are so outgoing. I think having Zack so involved really helped Josh to find his place right away. Thanks Zackers! Josh is really looking forward to Marching Band. Last year he played the saxophone this next year he's going to play something called a mellodrome..don't know if I spelled that right or even if that's the right's a version of the french horn. I think we'll have to see if Matthew would like to play Josh's it doesn't get lonely! Matthew and Megan will both be going to the new middle school next "year". They are just finishing it's closer than Park..which is where Megan goes this year. One of the much loved band directors at North Star is going to Schoo (the new school..pronounced SKOE) to be the band director maybe Matthew would like to play an instrument...I hope.

Baseball season is upon us...Matthew has had a couple games and is really liking it. He had his first hit (in a game). It was so cool! He made it to first base! Josh's first game is this coming Wed. I don't think he'll be playing. He had a little "surgery" on his big toe. He had a terrible ingrown toenail so the Podiatrist removed part of his toenail..yucko! I hope it heals fast so he can play!

Megan won an award at school for having a 4.0! She has done so well in school this year. I'm really so tickled. She still misses Utah and reminds us ALL the time....but I do think that even though she does not want to admit it..she likes Nebraska okay...maybe just a little.

Aaron's new job is going okay. It's really nice to have him home on Sundays.....he has it off for the first time in many years! Well, he's sporatically taken some Sundays off...but this is really his "day off". He also gets off at 7 some days now. I told him it's just like being a "real" family, having both parents home at night. LOL!

Matthew just got home yesterday from a two day camping trip with his friend. He had a blast but was happy to be home. He even wanted to snuggle with me last night! Those days are far and few between lately.'s almost time for me to "get up" and get ready for work. Good morning!

Joe and Hannah enjoying their playdough Rumpelstiltskin..sorry the photos aren't the greatest, I forgot my camera and these were taken with Aaron's cell phone.

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Steph and Jeff said...

Sorry about your insomnia. Maybe you should try yoga before bed. It always puts me right to sleep. You are a great Mom, so don't say that you're not fun because you are working. You are so great that you can do both. Hannah looks all grown up, I can't believe it. Oh yeah I was going to tell you that my brother in-law, Victory, (Mr. Hainesto the kids), will be a math teacher a Schoo this fall. He is 6' 7" they won't miss him.