Friday, May 16, 2008

Garage Sale Heaven

So, I love a good deal as much as the next person does. I love the idea of garage sales but have the hardest time actually going up to one and rifling through other people's things while they sit in chairs and watch's just somewhat unnerving to me. Well, yesterday I was out for my walk/run and as I began I noticed several people getting all their stuff out for their garage sale...I must of passed like six of them in the first five minutes. I guess this neighborhood has a tradition of everyone having a garage sale on the same weekend. Well, I saw an easel for the kids and I've been wanting one, but they are so expensive. I ended up finishing my run and hurrying home to have Aaron go out with me to get the easel, it was only 7.00...we also found a bike for Joe for 10.00. The kids have been loving using chalk on the easel and Aaron put training wheels on Joe's bike. Then again today my friend Stephanie and I went out....and we had a lovely time. For some reason going to the garage sales is not as unnerving when other people go with you. In fact it's kinda fun!

Looking through other people's stuff...almost painless
A boy's bicycle........................................$10.00
My son's joy in learning something new.....Priceless!

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Alisn said...

What fun. I love finding a great deal. The thrill of the chase is a good time too. I love you and miss you.