Friday, May 9, 2008


Our little Hannah is growing up so fast. She loves to sing songs and loves for us to sing her songs. Each night at bedtime either I sing or Aaron does. We have to limit the number of songs or she will have us sing all night. Some of her favorites are ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baby Mine, I am a Child of God, and Row Row Your Boat. She sleeps on the top bunk of a twin over we stand up on the bottom bunk while we sing. There are nights when we leave the room and Megan continues the singing. One night Megan told us Hannah woke up in the night telling Megan she had an owie and would not go back to sleep until Megan got up there and kissed it. Megan is so patient with her and is such an awesome big sister. I hope someday Hannah will know just how blessed she is to have her. This video clip is quite cute if you can overlook the "train wreck" in her mouth....She really is just the cutest girl and we all adore her around here.


Alison said...

Kim she is such a pretty little girl, she is getting so big. I can believe it. I miss you and seeing your cute kids.

Lara said...

Happy Mother's Day Kim! Isn't it great to have wonderful children?