Friday, May 30, 2008

A Big Day

Megan...Fifth Grade Graduation

Megan graduated from 5th grade on Wednesday. She will be going to middle school next year. I brought Hannah and Joe with me to the ceremony. It ended up being an hour and a half long and was during nap started at 1:30. And it was hotter that Haites in there! When we first got there Hannah saw Megan sitting up front and she kept saying "I want my friend Megan" over and I let her walk up to see Megan. She almost made it there but then a well intentioned teacher tried to intercept her and she started to cry and ran back to me. All the kids got a big kick out that. Anyway, Megan looked so beautiful and she sat so prim and proper up there with her skirt on...I am very proud of her.
When we got home Hannah wanted a snack, so I sat her at the table and gave her some cereal and the next thing I know, I look over and she's sleeping right there at the table...she looks like an angel.

Later that evening I came home from taking Zack and Matthew to scouts. I also had Joe with me. I took him to sign up for gymnastics. Anyhoo...I came home and the first thing I see is Megan in the kitchen on the phone with her girl friend. Then I hear Hannah "mommy, put me over the gate". (We have a gate up going into the hallway to keep Molly out). I look over and there is Hannah proud as can be standing at the gate with black stuff all over her hands...I go a little closer and smell that oh so familiar smell of nail polish! Hannah had "painted" her nails, just like Megan! What could I do, but give her a bath and take pictures. Hopefully this will be a lesson to Megan to keep her things put away...even though she doesn't think it's very fair because it's "her" room....such is life with a toddler. Oh, and notice the ring on Hannah's finger. This is a baby ring that was either mine or my sister's. It fits perfectly and she kept that on her finger for almost 4 days in a row!


Lia said...

Oh my, I remember days of dealing with toddler messes. It reminds me of the time Kowhai got nail polish in her eyes!! Scary day!! Remember when Meagan put vasaline in her hair? That was fun!!

mmissy said...

Hannah is getting so big. I wish Hailey and her could be friends and play together. She is beautiful Kim.
Congrats to Meagan.