Saturday, May 31, 2008

Going to the Farm

This picture is just for my sister, Jenny. The corn is growing! It's so tiny and cute! This was taken on our way out to the Sodden's farm. They invited us to come out for a bbq and the kids had a blast! The Soddens are friends and we are so thankful they had us out...what a good time!

Matthew is showing me his moves on the tramp....jumping with him are Joe, Gavin and Gabbie.

Megan is holding a little kitty.

Josh is being a dork.

I wish I would of taken more pictures but we had such a nice time. There were chickens and the next door neighbors had cows, Josh and Zack enjoyed mooing at them. There were all kinds of fun things to get into. Hannah and Jeremiah (the Sodden's two year old) had a sawdust fight, they were both covered. We brought Molly and she was running like a crazy dog the whole time...she even got a hold of some hamburgers and hotdogs..little stinker. She had two German Shepherds to play with along with three kitties. After dinner we were sitting and chatting while the kids were off playing. We could hear Hannah and Jeremiah playing close by so we weren't too worried...there were some big bushes blocking our view of them. Well, when we did discover them......well, just watch the video. Isn't playing in the mud what childhood is all about?

We all look forward to going back for another fun time...thanks Soddens.


~Michelle Schafer said...

How much fun! That looks like a fabulous time! The baby corn is adorable, but not as cute as the muddy Hannah and co.

Love to you all!

Stacie said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lia said...

I wish I could still play in the mud!! Some of my best memories were when I was playing in the mud. I loved mud pies. I'd just sit there smacking the mud making pie after pie. I don't even think I've ever made a real pie. How sad.

Julie said...

I love farms, tho' I wouldn't want to ever live on one again! The mud is fun, unless it's a daily thing.

Stacie said...

I come to your blog now, just to listen to the music. Rock on!

Lara said...

I think that mud pile looks the best!

j&m said...

I love it! A high quality parent is DEFINITELY one who allows playing in the mud (: My kids would have loved it (and tried eating it perhaps). m