Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Funny Story

Last Friday Aaron took Molly to doggie daycare. We have found that this is a wonderful service offered that we like to take advantage of every couple weeks. It's only 7.00 a day and she gets much needed doggy socialization and we get a break from her, though she's really not that hard to have around. Anyway, the kids came home from school and all wondered where Molly was (she hasn't attended doggie daycare much lately). Aaron just could not pass up an opportunity to tease the kids (this is something we both enjoy engaging in). Well, I need to give some backround info here. Molly is a skinny beagle. We feed her all the time, meaning she always has food in her dish. She just sticks her nose up at it..she will only eat when she figures we are not going to feed her some other lovely tidbit from the kitchen. As a rule she does not get table scraps but with little ones around she does hit the "treat" jackpot whenever Hannah and Joe are at the table. Anyway, she is so skinny. Well we have several beagles in our neighborhood and they are all fat!! I seriously have never seen such a skinny beagle as Molly. So with that information the rest of the story will make sense. Aaron told the kids that we took Molly over to the neighbors house, the neighbors who own the big fat beagle we always see walking around. He told the kids we took her over there so the fat beagle could teach her how to eat properly. I was trying so hard not to fall on the floor rolling with laughter...I did play along for a few minutes then could not help myself and began giggling. The kids were skeptical but I really think a couple of them believed Aaron's tall tale, or maybe "fat tail" is a better phrase.


~Michelle Schafer said...

Be your own dog, Molly!

That is a funny story. You guys really are big teasers. I will never forget the call from the 'oreintal lady' the kids took once. That is a favorite.

Tell Zack that Stephanie has been thinking about him and she hasn't really had tons of time for phone calls. We did get his message, but haven't called back yet.

Alison said...

Our dog Elye doesn't like to eat either, but we discovered that if he is hungry enough he will eat. We also change around his food alot and we mixed in a can of wet dog food with the dry, which has worked really well. Good luck.