Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Land Before Time

I guess Zack's birthday has me thinking of his babyhood. When he was really small and just learning about how much fun watching movies could be, he picked out a favorite. It was The Land Before Time...the first one, the original one. He watched it at least two or three times a day. He would say "watch dinosaurs", and I would put it on for him. Now this was before I knew better and sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night and would want to "watch dinosaurs" and I would actually let him.....boy have I learned since then.
Anyway, I really loved this movie. It would be playing and I could get so much done while Zack was watching it. There was one scene from the movie where I would stop what I was doing and run over to watch it. It's when Little Foot is following behind his mom while they are journeying to the Great Valley. He asked his mom "Mama, have you ever seen the Great Valley?" and she stops, turns to look right at him and says "no"...and then he asked her "then how do you know it's there"....and she looks at him and says "some things you see with your eyes and others you see with your heart"...I would always get tears in my eyes during this part. What a lovely snippet of truth! That is what I want my kids to know in life...some things you see with your eyes and others you see with your heart....

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