Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Promise to Myself and my Family

I promise I will never babysit on a regular basis again...unless it's for my grandkids, someday, a long time from now. That being said, today I am babysitting. This week I've been feeling quite sorry for myself, for a variety of reasons, none really worth mentioning. I was thinking to myself a couple days ago that I really do need to do something for someone else to get myself out of this funk. I may of even prayed for an "opportunity" careful what you wish and pray for.....
Last night the compassionate service leader in my ward called and she told me there was a less active sister in need of someone to watch her son for the next couple days. I have plans tomorrow but I committed for today. He is a cute little guy. He's just 3 weeks younger than Hannah. I have him all day today. He's pretty independent and didn't cry or anything when his mom left. I don't think the hard part is the other kids at all, it's my kids. They don't like someone coming in and taking over their territory. I'm sure having to share is good for them. That is what playdates are for. I just don't enjoy all the drama of hearing.....MINE, MINE, MINE...all day long. This is just a good reminder to myself that I am not a babysitter......I'm quite happy and content just being a MOM.


mmissy said...

I completely understand. I loved helping you when I babysat, however it did get overwhelming sometimes. Hang in there! I'm sure the sister you are helping is SO thankful for your help.

~Michelle Schafer said...

I remember my mom always having to babysit. I felt the same way as you described. I was very un-understanding about the whole situation. I actually liked the kids that we had at our home, but I hated that they were in our home. I do not have the patience to babysit. I make sure that anyone who even breathes a hint that they need a babysitter understands that I don't babysit.

I think that you are just full of compassion for others, Kim. It is such a good thing. You have taught me many things that no one else has been able to teach me with your compassion.

Thank you. I love you.