Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The latest

I think Spring is finally here...woo hoo! I'm loving the sunshine and all the green. Joe, Hannah and I went to the park for some fun with moms and their kids from our ward. It was so good for all of us...even if I did get a little burn on my arms.
Thought I'd post some of our latest pictures.
It's Hannah Banana....she is outside with just a pull up on. Which is actually unusual for her. She loves to wear anything pink and any dress. She tells me she's a princess when she's wearing a dress. She loves the new water table we got. I would highly recommend having a water table for all those little ones who love and I do mean love water. Hannah no longer pulls chairs up to the kitchen sink to play in the she has her own little "bath" as she calls it. Today she came in and told me there was a "buggie in her bath"....she wanted me to come out and get it out of there.

Joe loves blowing bubbles.

We (Aaron) painted our living room. It turned out nice...only a couple spots on the ceiling that need touch up. Aaron worked so hard!

Zack was Father Christmas in his high School play..He did such a nice job, it was fun to watch!


~Michelle Schafer said...

Great pictures! The living room color looks like the color that Robert painted the shed. I recall that Zackaroni didn't like it. It is called La Fonda Olive. Not spelled like in Napoleon, but it sealed the deal for Robert when we were talking green.

Cute Hannah and Joseph. Does Joe have a bubble tumbler? I might have to put that on my list of gift ideas (or start a list of gift ideas)

~Michelle Schafer said...

Did you ever see Father Ted?

Kim said...

Not's still on our Netflix list.

Kim said...

Oh, and we do have a bubble tumbler, it's a big one with three big wands.

Kim said...

Oh, and the colors on the walls...hazelnut cream and River Bank...we only did one wall in River Bank and the others in Hazelnut cream.

Lara said...

Loved little Hannah on the deck! Really wish it was that warm here!