Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dreams and Nightmares

1:30 a.m.~I am sleeping peacefully having a lovely the distance I hear something...something that's not quite part of my dream...what is that? "MOMMY!!! I'M AWAKE!!!"....again I hear it...."MOMMY I'M AWAKE!!!!"....again "MOMMY!!! I'M AWAKE!!!!"....I think I hear it several more times before I realize what in the heck it is...I throw myself out of bed all the while thinking "why is Megan not bringing her to me?"....I get to the hall...OHHHH what's that terrible stench? I get Hannah out of the top's not her I smell....what is it? I search Megan and Hannah's room...(Molly went to bed with Megan). It's not there...I think I must be imagining it...I go out to the hall, I am not imagining it, it reeks!! I turn on the living room light. There's Molly in her crate. ...she is surrounded by poop, it's all over her, all over the crate. What in the world??? Megan must of put her in the crate during the night. I go wake up Aaron, he'll have to either hold a screaming Hannah (she's very attached to her mom right now) or give the dog a bath. Aaron is not a happy camper...he's grumbling and mumbling...It's one thirty in the I am giving a dog a bath...I leave Hannah in our bed and go to assess the damage...eeeuuuuuwwww...pooparama! I clean it up...oh the joys of dog ownership. I go back to our's Molly...all happy, she's just had a bath and now it's time to play....Molly goes to bed with Matthew. Now I'm wide awake and so is Aaron and so is Hannah. Hannah begins to scream..she wants ALL the blanket, she doesn't want to share with anyone. It's time for Hannah to go back to her own bed. "Mommy read a book"..."no, Hannah, it's bedtime"..."MOMMY!!!! READ A BOOK!!!!"....I tell Megan I'm sorry and close the door...then listen to 20 minutes of screaming "MOMMY!!!! READ A BOOK!!!!"....I go in, she has not settled down. I tell her I will sing one song and then I'm done, no more songs. "Sing Child of God"...I sing it, kiss her, say good night. "Mommy, sing twinkle little star". "Good night Hannah". I again tell Megan how sorry I am...I offer for her to go down and sleep on the couch in the family room, she declines, and I close the door...20 minutes of more screaming!! "MOMMY...SING TWINKLE LITTLE STAR!!!!!!", over and over again. Is this really happening, perhaps I'm having a nightmare?...Aaron and I are wide awake watching TV at 230 in the morning!! Finally, we can stand it no's 3am...still screaming, screaming, screaming...Aaron gets her.....brings her to our bed..."does your ear hurt sweetness?"..."NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" says the monst..I mean sweet little girl. She insists she needs her pink cup and her pink hat. I go look for it, I can't find it...Aaron goes, he finds it behind the door in her room. She calms down after a few more tantrums over the blanket....she's cradling her pink cup and is wearing her pink hat. "Daddy, I want to go to my own bed"....."okay!"...she goes to sleep in her own bed while Aaron and I watch a kitchen remodeling show on food network. It's 4 a.m. when we finally fall back to sleep only to be awoken again...someone's walking around the living room....Aaron goes to check it out only to find Zack..fully dressed ready for seminary getting ready to eat a bowl of cereal...." don't have to leave for another hour and a half"..."oh, I thought it was later"....he goes back to bed. My alarm sounds at 5...time to make sure Zack's up. Oh, forget it...I'm too tired. Zack misses Seminary. Later.....11:30 am, at the doctor's office...Hannah has an ear infection...I am actually happy to find this out. Please let this mean that my sweet girl has not been replaced with a demon child. Oh, the joys of motherhood! (and fatherhood!)

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