Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

It's Easter time again! Every year seems to come faster and faster. The kids had a good time. They had candy for breakfast which makes Aaron so crazy...good thing he wasn't here...ha ha....We really missed being able to go to the Murray Schafer annual shindig though...that was sad for us. Megan, Matthew, Joe, Hannah and I did venture over to the neighborhood egg wasn't very thrilling and it was only 40 degrees and cold wind was making it very hard to enjoy it. Megan, Matthew and I went with the missionaries on a teaching appointment. The family is coming to church tomorrow. They have a girl Megan's age and a boy Matthew's age. They are from Africa and know very little about Jesus. It was interesting for us to see how much we are blessed to have knowledge of our Savior and to realize how much a part of our lives the gospel is. There is always so much room for improvement but I was happy to see how much Megan and Matthew know and how good they were about sharing how they feel. I'm looking forward to church tomorrow where we can celebrate the Resurrection. How blessed we are!

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