Sunday, March 9, 2008

All's Quiet on the Midwestern Front

I love getting up early, when everyone else is still asleep and having the quiet house to myself for a few minutes. It never lasts long...first one is up, then the rest slowly come to life. The feel in the house this week has been so good, despite our drama of abscessed tooth boy. Last Sunday we moved rooms. Now Josh and Zack are sharing the big room downstairs, Megan and Hannah moved to Zack's old room, and Joe and Matthew are sharing the room across from Aaron's and mine. This move has made a tremendous difference in Matthew. He has had very few tantrums, where before the tantrums came every few minutes it seems. I'm so thankful for this change. I know Matthew is so much happier. This idea to move the kids around came to me the week Aaron was out of town. That was the week I had Matthew sleep in my bed. Bedtime was much easier. So, it's taken us a whole month to actually make the move, but we finally did it and the result has been awesome. I've made positive comments to Matthew all week. I know he feels the difference too. I'm so thankful for my Father in Heaven and the Holy Ghost for I do know this inspiration came to me after prayer. I'm so blessed......Our family is so blessed.

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