Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Book of Kind Deeds

A couple weeks ago we had a lesson in RS about noticing the blessings in our lives and then recording them. Well, I had an idea after this lesson to write down the nice things I see my children do, no matter how small. I started this last week. I haven't written every day but I have written things "Joe told Hannah he loves her" or "Matthew put Hannah's baby stroller together". I keep them written in a small notebook I got at the dollar store. I keep the notebook on the mantel over the fireplace. I've told the kids that they are welcome to record things in it also. So far they haven't but I hope someday they will. It's amazing how much better the feeling is in the house when I notice the good things they are doing, instead of always pointing out the not so good things. This is something I know works but still have to continually remind myself to do. Why is that? Maybe the why isn't as important as the doing.....


~Michelle Schafer said...

Hey Kim! I think your book of kind deeds is a great idea! I have a thankful book which I used to write in more, but haven't lately. Yours was a great reminder that I need to look again for more things to be thankful for.

I am so glad that Alison is blogging! What a tender heart she is! (Like you!)

~Michelle Schafer said...

Did you have a chance to look at my Shutterfly book that I made for Stephanie's director?

I don't have your new phone number. If you get a chance, could you call me? I know I have been negligent, but I would like to talk.