Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

The other day I was sitting in the bathroom feeling so thankful for toilet paper...what would we do without it? I remember sitting listening to my grandma tell stories about her youth. They did not have running water and used an outhouse for their bathroom needs. I remember asking her if they had toilet paper (I must have a hang up with this subject)....anyway, I think she told me they used dried up corn husks....can you imagine???? EEEEUUUUWWW! and OUCH!!! Again I express my thankfulness for toilet paper...and running water is pretty darn great too!

So, Aaron's boss is in town to audit his store. He brought his wife and two boys with him. They live down in Springfield Missouri, which is about 5 hours away. Yesterday we went with them to the children's museum. They have a little boy, who is five, I think. Well he went right up to Aaron and said "It's not okay for people to be bald". Aaron said his dad turned so red! Haven't we all had moments like that where our children embarrass the heck out of us!! Joe's latest is noticing big people and men that look like they may really be women. He'll ask very loudly "is that a boy or a girl!!!"....these little innocent people who really don't know they may hurt another's feelings, you just gotta love em.....

Zack is turning 15 on Sunday! How did this happen?! I remember just yesterday when he was a sweet little boy running around with a fetish for doors...always opening and closing any kind of door he could get a hold of. Taking our keys and going to the door and turning around to wave bye bye to us. Tackling his brother in the name of love telling us Josh was his buddy. Asking at every turn "cause why?". What happened to this cute little boy? I'll tell you what happened, he is growing up. He's almost 6 feet tall and I feel like he just towers over me. He's happy talking to his friends and I've become just an annoyance to him. He's into drama and choir and is becoming his own person. It's so hard to let go. I'm thinking maybe a mom really never lets go can she? I know I plan to hang on, even if by a thread, forever.


~Michelle Schafer said...

I am a big fan of toilet paper too. And our Zackaroni.

~Michelle Schafer said...

I am also thankful for blogs which let us keep in touch in a very personal way!

What a funny thing to hear a little kid say to Aaron! I seriously can hear him laughing in response!

I hope the audit goes well.

How is the play going for Zack? Any big birthday plans? Any suggestions on what we can send him last minute that won't get there in time?

Harried hairdresser said...

I am so thankful for toilet paper myself. Its good to be thankful for the simple things. Its hard to believe that Zach is getting so big. I will always remember this little boy sucking on a bottle, sitting in a stroller. I like this blog thing, it shortens distances. Love ya.