Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow is a new day

Thank Heavens we get to start over tomorrow. I just woke up mad this morning...for no particular reason. My day started with me waking up very late..the kids had to be to school by 8 and it was 745!! After several nights of getting up to give Joe his medicine at 4am and going to bed way too late...I guess it all just caught up with me and I just could not get out of bed this morning. When I finally did I found Matthew laying on the couch in his pajamas holding Molly. I told him to hurry and get ready. He dawdled and did not get any breakfast after I warned him it was time to go and he had 10 minutes to eat...he decided to sit on the couch, doing nothing. Then he couldn't find his backpack. So he ended up going to school with no breakfast and no backpack but he did have a very bad attitude that he took with him out the van door. When I got home I came in just as the phone was lunch with girl friends was canceled due to illness...poor Jana has the flu. I was so looking forward to this lunch and felt so bummed. The rest of the day was just kind of blah....I just felt irritated with the kids and with Aaron and I would of just liked to of been able to crawl into bed and read and be alone...but life with six kids just doesn't work that way. So, tomorrow I will try to get up early and be happy and start all over again!

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