Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We bought a leash for Josh when he was little.  We were going on a trip to Disneyland and I knew from a few experiences that he was a wanderer.  He never really thought of the consequences,  if something looked interesting he went off to explore.  He never seemed upset about being "lost". He'd look at me and say "oh hi mom...look what I found" as I stood there looking at him tears in my eyes and feeling absolute relief that I found him.  Too bad you can't put a leash on your "adult/teen" kids.  Well, I suppose you could but you might go to jail.  Anyway, I can remember the exact moment I realized I had lost complete control over what my teenagers do and say.  It was one of the sickest, most sinking feelings I've ever felt.  I knew "my say" was over and theirs had just begun.  I realize there are teens out there who do what their parents want and expect....I just haven't gotten any of those (yet....hopefully?)

So, Josh....I just can't tell you how much I enjoy his company.  He's a very sweet, very intelligent young man.  He's struggled this past year or so...and I think he's still struggling some, but not as much.  Just trying to figure himself out and what he wants in life.  He hasn't made the choices I would of made for him and guess what?  I still love him...I'm still proud of him and I'm still rooting for him!

He's going to school in Kearney Nebraska.  He's studying theatre performance at UNK.  He's a pretty talented actor, even though I'm bias he really is quite talented  :)

Aaron and I got to go out to Kearney and see him in a couple plays and that was pretty cool.  He's made some really good friends this year also.  I know next year he and some of his friends are hoping to move into a house and share the rent.  He is auditioning for a few different plays this summer, so we shall see if he gets any roles.

He's a pretty great guy...I love him dearly   

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