Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hannah Banana 8 years old!

Hannah on her baptism day

beautiful girl

I really started to think about how fast time is flying on by and how bad my memory is getting.  I know I used to have a really good memory and could remember many details.  I don't know if it's stress or age or maybe some of both but I just don't remember things like I used to.  So, I need to write here on my blog more often.  I know I will be glad to have a record of things later on.

Hannah has been really cute lately.  She's just at a really fun age.  She still loves to snuggle (I know this will be going away sooner than I think or want).  She's really starting to discover the world around her and realize there's much more going on than just what happens in her own world.  She really enjoys telling me about her day in great detail and I enjoy her telling me....for I know soon enough she will get irritated with me just for asking how her day was.  She is so pretty and I just love her dearly.  She is growing her hair long and it's so much fun to play with right now.

On Saturday she really wanted to go get stuff to make her valentines for school.  So I told her she better help me put my shoes and socks on...I was really being lazy and she was more than willing to do that for me.  She got out my shamrock socks and put them on and then put my shoes on for me.... I told her she better get used to that because when I'm an old woman she will have to do it all the time.  :).  I then asked her if she'd change my diaper when I'm old and she told me right away that would be Joe's job.  LOL. She then "assigned" all of her siblings with jobs to help take care of me when I'm old:
Zacky will drive me around to "all the stores"
Matthew will make me breakfast, lunch and dinner and dessert (I'm glad I'll get dessert)
Joshy will take naps with me.
And my favorite one is that Megan will "cheer" me up.  After she told me that she paused for a couple seconds and then said "she's not going to like that very much, but she will have to cheer you up even if she's the one who made you sad".  LOL!  

Then, on the way to JoAnns to get paper and supplies for valentines she asked me "Why are chicken nuggets called nuggets".  I said "because they are shaped like a "nugget".  She wanted to know what a nugget is and I realized it's really hard to explain what a nugget is...so I said like a nugget of gold..shaped kinda like a hunk of something it's shaped kinda like a circle or a square and she said "Or a dinosaur"....which I laughed about.  She told me sometimes chicken nuggets are shaped like dinosaurs....which I suppose they are.  We then talked about how nuggets and strips are different from each other.  I love that she thinks about these things.  I want her to feel free to talk to me about anything so if chicken is the subject of conversation, I'll take it!

Some of things she loves right now are singing, especially the song "do you want to build a snowman" from the movie Frozen.  She also loves playing with her stuffed animals and playing with legos with Joe.  She really loves Joe so much right now.  She likes riding her scooter.  She loves school and playing with her friends at school.  They pretend to be dogs at recess alot.  Some of her favorite foods right now are spaghetti and she loves tostadas.  She doesn't like to clean her room...at all.  she is quite the hoarder actually and it truly amazes me how fast she fill it back up with clutter after I declutter it.

So, there are some things about my sweet Hannah girl.  Oh, she told me the other day that she loves her name because it rhymes with banana and she loves bananas.  She's just a really happy girl most of the time...she can throw a mean tantrum though....


Bobi said...

Thanks for helping us get to know your sweet youngest child. You will be glad for these memories, I know! (And I know that you know...) I can't believe she's 8! Where has the time gone?

Lia said...

Congrats on the baptism of your baby girl! It's fun reading about the "nuggets" conversation. I miss those days.