Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joe Henry

snuggling with Hannah

helping make cookies

Joseph is growing up...I remember when he was so little and just a fierce ball of fire.  Well, he's still pretty fierce and the ball of fire part is still going on most of the time too!. 

He's 10 now and is in 4th grade.  He's kinda fazing out of his super hero craze, which actually saddens me some.  He still likes them but just not as much as he used to.  He loves to build things with legos.  He LOVES to draw and is working on his 4th sketch book.  he especially likes to draw comic book like drawings and monsters and even super heroes.  He also loves to play video games (big surprise).  He doesn't like to do homework.  He even lies about not having any. 

Some very exciting news is that he is going to play Chip in North Star's production of Beauty and the Beast.  He's pretty excited about that!  Megan was not excited about it...LOL!  She feels like he is intruding upon her world.  The rest of the kids are very happy he's there and treat him as one of them...which is very cool for him. 

Joe continues to have struggles with behavior.  He's just sweetest boy sometimes but there is the flip side to that and it can come out like a vengeance at any given moment. I was explaining his "explosions" to a friend of mine and she commented that he is "very justice oriented" and I thought that was a perfect explanation.  That is almost always what sets him off...when he thinks he there is some injustice occurring and he can't "fix" it.  He is working on it and really does continue to improve and in the mean time he's learned how to give very heart felt apologies. 

He still loves to snuggle with me and for that I am more thankful than I can express.  Having little ones around at the same time there are teenagers living in the home can be very therapeutic.  It's so good for this mom's soul to still get some loving when half the kids are not into that anymore. 

Joe has quite a wonderful sense of humor too.  He likes telling jokes and hearing them too.  He truly is my sweet boy and I love him so dearly.  He is very tender hearted.  He loves Hannah so much and even though he sometimes teases her and fights with her he loves to play with her and even snuggle with her (sometimes).


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