Friday, February 14, 2014


a cheesy selfie

Mrs Gloop and her mom

A picture taken at the DMV...she was annoyed with me :/

What can I say about Megan.  She's ready to get the heck out of Dodge and pretty much never misses an opportunity to tell me so.  She graduates this year and plans to move to Utah (insert jealous face here).  She's going to live with my sister for a year (again, insert jealous face here) and then move down to St George and go to school at Dixie State.  She's had this planned for years and I have no doubt she will accomplish this goal. 

There are many things I admire about Megan.  She's independent and sure of herself.  When she puts her mind to something she figures out a way to make it happen.  She's beautiful. 

She has had a great Senior year so far.  She is also a theatre kids all love theatre.  She played Mrs Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now she is stage manager for Beauty and the Beast...she also was the Stage Manager for North Stars One Act play.  She likes being on stage but I think organizing and bossing people around is her true calling.  She really likes that! 

She likes to wear flip flops all the time!!  She even wears them in the snow.  She does own closed toe shoes and wears them sometimes but her true love is being barefoot and flip flops are the next best thing. 
She saved up her money and bought a laptop (she loves playing on it).  She also went in on a car with her dad...he's using it right now but as soon as he finds one he wants and can afford she will have her own car. 

She goes to early morning Seminary and is the Pres of her Laurels class at Church.  She promises me she will get involved in Singles Ward while in Utah and I really hope she does. 

The one thing I hope for her...well, I hope many things for her, but the one thing I really really hope for her is that she will someday understand being compassionate.  She is so strong willed and minded that I think that's something she doesn't think is so important...I also really hope she will someday like me more.  I know many of my friends have these great and wonderful relationships with their daughters....I have really tried for that, but alas Megan thinks I've tried too hard and she pushes me away at every turn.  She and I do have fun together sometimes but most of the time I think she's just annoyed with me. 

I love her dearly and I'm very proud of her. 

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