Thursday, February 13, 2014

Matthew not Matt

His braces should come off soon!!  woo hoo!

When we decided on Matthew's name, before he was born, Aaron and I both agreed that we liked the name Matthew but not the name Matt.  So, from the time he was born we have always called him Matthew, except for when we called him "Chewey" (a nickname he got from Megan;  she could not say Matthew so she called him Matchew and it ended up chewey).  I'm actually sad that we no longer call him Chewey :(.  Anyway....we all call him Matthew now, everyone in our family.....but everyone outside our family call him Matt.  It sounds so very foreign when people refer to him as Matt.  I think Matthew doesn't mind it at all.
He's a pretty easy going kid.

He's 15 now...and getting soooo tall!  I swear last year at this time he was still shorter than me and now he's taller that Megan and Josh and I think he's just about as tall as Aaron.  He is so handsome too.

He really likes doing tech for North Star Theatre.  He likes being up above the ceiling doing the flies (controlling all the stuff that comes down from the ceiling during a show).  He likes building things too.  I really think he also loves all the friendships he has through theatre's his at school family.

He LOVES being a ginger...he's pretty proud of that big ole thick head of red hair.  He has about the thickest head of hair I've ever seen or felt...that boy has a TON of hair!!  When it grows out it looks like a mushroom I like it when he keeps it short.  :)

Out of all of my kids I can honestly say  he's the most willing helper.  I know I take advantage of this way more than I should.  He will just about always jump up and help me when I ask him to do something...until I ask one too many times and he'll say "how come I always have to do it!"  And I think to myself  "because you will".  He won't give me hugs in public though and that truly makes me sad.  He does hug me when no one else is looking though....

He likes video games and watching TV.  He's started to hang out with friends more often and he tells me he likes girls but won't give me names.  I can't believe he's almost old enough to date!!  AHHHHH!

He's a wonderful young man...except when he fights with Joe...come on!!  Joe is 5 years younger than him and it's really not a fair fight!  He is pretty respectful most of the time.  He loves Scouts and camping!  He passes the Sacrament at Church and holds the microphone for baby's nice to see him up there.  I've had many people in our ward recently tell me how grown up he's looking.  A few people have mentioned how much he looks like Zack....well, they are brothers :)

 After High School he plans to go on a Mission and then join the Military.  I'm excited to see what's in store for him...I love him just so very much!

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