Friday, March 7, 2014


It's Funny how kids are born and right away you can see little pieces of their personalities.   I have so many funny memories of Zack.  He loved doors!  I mean he had an obsession with opening them and then closing them.  Cupboard doors and doors to rooms.  When he figured out how to open the sliding glass door he would constantly open it...wave goodbye to me, go outside, close it and then start the whole process over and over again.  This was a precursor to his naturally curious nature....always wondering what's "behind the door".  Later on..when he could talk he would constantly ask many!!  I would always try to answer them, he really wanted to know pretty much everything.  His favorite thing to say was "cause why" before every question.  I can remember his Aunt Michelle driving him home from one of family camping trips and she couldn't believe all the questions he asked all the way home.  I still find myself saying "cause why" before I ask a question, it became a staple in our family language.  

I can also remember him interacting with his cousin, Stephanie.  He would take a toy she was playing with just so he could watch her react.  He didn't even really want the toy...he just wanted to see the "show".  She would get so mad....her whole body would shake....he usually would end up getting hit or bit but apparently this was worth seeing the "show".  He didn't really do things until he was pretty sure he knew he could do them....he would sit back and watch and then make a conscious choice to do things.  

I see these same things in him as an adult...yes, he's an adult's so hard to put my head around that!  He's still curious.  He still likes to sit back and watch.  I think he still likes to get reactions from people and "watch the show".  He's probably one of the funniest people I know.  I can't even tell you how much I miss him.  He's in college now and lives three states away.  Sometimes I ache for those annoying questions and his cute red hair and that freckled face.  I miss all the times he wanted to hang out with me and listen to me gossip with my girlfriends.  I miss the times we had adult conversations before he was even an adult.  I can't tell you how much I miss those early mornings we did a paper route together and he made me laugh and laugh when he would run to the doors.  I miss his hugs that feel like a hug and a shove all at the same time.  I miss his laugh and his smile.  Sometimes it's so sad and yet so wonderful when kids grow up.  I'm so excited for him and what lays in store for him.  He's so talented and such an awesome person.  I'm so glad I'm his mom and always will be!  
With Aunt Michelle at Sweet Tomatoes

Ice Cream time at Ivanna Cone

Oldest and Youngest

My sweet boy

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