Thursday, June 12, 2008

Titanic Adventure (day three continued)

After we returned from our Little House excursion we went to the Titanic Museum. It was cool...we each had a passport with the name of one of the real passengers who was on the actual Titanic. As we went through the museum we learned many facts and were able to see some of the actual artifacts from the ship. At the end we discovered if the person we had on our passport survived. Aaron, Zack, Matthew, Josh and Megan's did not survive. Joseph, Hannah and I survived. Below is a link to our picture...we could not take our own pictures inside. By the time we were close to the end Joe had a melt down and Aaron took him out. I guess he spent 15 minutes crying and saying "daddy, don't spank me"...Aaron was so embarrassed. The funny thing is that I'm the spanker in the family, not Aaron.

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