Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kung Fu Joe

Today Joe, Hannah, Megan and I went to see Kung Fu Panda.....perhaps this was a mistake. Joe was kung fuing all the way out of the theater and down the street to the van. He is still kung fuing all over the house. Joe has more energy in his small pinky toe than I have in my whole body. There are so many times when I'm just sure everyone wonders why I don't "control" my child. There are certainly times when I wonder that myself. I think of the times when he first started to go to primary and the leaders would bring him to me because they could not keep him dressed..he would disrobe right there in the primary room. I remember walking past the primary room and seeing him running around the podium as the leaders tried to catch him, or the time he was holding a chair up over his head to show everyone how strong he is. My biggest nightmare is the call on the phone "Sister Schafer, will you substitute in Joe's class on Sunday?"......I would much rather eat dirt, thank you. Class is spent with Joe rolling on the floor, or standing on the tower of chairs in the the rest of the class watches in awe. I have six would think I'd know what to do in these instances.....I've tried being nice, I've tried being mean, I've tried time outs, spanks, bribes, civil talkings to, the look, the snap, etc...etc... A gal in our ward taught us a class on parenting and I got some wonderful ideas from her...I need to validate, validate, validate. Sister Yarrington is sooo good at this! I tried it just like she showed us...Joe was upset..I looked at him and said "you are mad! Mad, mad, mad!" Joe's response to this? He stopped throwing his fit, looked at me with vulture eyes and said in a very deep, low, growl..."DON'T DO THAT". Then a friend reminded me that I need to validate in my own way and in my own language. I'm practicing. My first reaction is to get mad with him...that doesn't work, though. I tell you...there are some days when I feel so tired...then Joe will come up to me and give me a kiss and say "I love you mom." and go on his merry way. I love you too Joe! You bring so much to me and to our family...can't imagine it without you! Oh, and can I just's gotta be the red hair! Those redheads are gonna be the death of me!


Jacque said...

I can totally relate with the red heads. Ya gotta love 'em though. I'm sure you're doing a great job with Joe, you are a wonderful mother.

That was a funny story about the little boy being pecked by his chickens. My chickens are too scared to do anything like that yet.

I miss you Kim, wish you were closer.

Lia said...

Hee hee hee!

G Luv (no relation to the actual G Love) said...

I'm Natalie's primary teacher now and I need to write a personal thank you/sorry note to the previous teachers. Oh my word! I love her spunk and confidence and would never want her to change but please, please, please be reverent in church!So anyway, I can relate. Love,

Kristi said...

Hi Kim. First of all I just noticed that it says your are in Lincoln, NE. What are you guys doing there? How crazy! Did you move there from St George? That was where I had though you went last. 2nd of all I can't believe you have 6 kids. How do you do it? I struggle with 4. But there great and I wouldn't change anything. You have a beautiful family. I am so glad that I have everyone's blogs and can keep in touch this way. Cindy is doing great. I wish she could find that right guy to take care of her and be good to her. Someday it will happen, just not yet. We are trying to talk her into creating a blog. She would be great at it. She is still at the town homes. I'll tell her you said hello. :)