Friday, June 13, 2008

Silver Dollar City (day four)

Day four was spent at Silver Dollar City (an amusement park), with Aaron's boss, Travis and his family...Kristy, Eeston and Brycen. We had so much fun even though it was quite hot and humid. They have a cave there, it's the largest cave in North America. We were told that they brought in three hot air balloons and were able to fly them. It took us an hour to walk down into the cave and back out. It was really cool. Josh and Zack loved being able to go out on their own, so we didn't see them most of the day. Megan got her hair done with a princess hairdo. Joe never rode in the stroller and he just was running all day! He was tall enough to go on a couple of the big roller coasters and after one of them he told me "I stopped breathing and I was almost dead." We spent the night at Travis and Kristy's house. They are just the nicest people, we really enjoyed our visit with them.

Riding on the tram from the parking lot.

Formations in the cave.

Joe and Brycen on the frog ride

Hannah and Megan on the frog ride.

Megan's princess hairdo

everyone enjoying some lunch.

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